Truck Сustomizers Exhaust Systems How to Choose the Right Muffler for your Ford F-150

How to Choose the Right Muffler for your Ford F-150

What Is A Muffler?

Best Muffler for Ford F150, colloquial slang simply muffler is one of the most important structural elements of the exhaust system, without which the operation of the machine becomes impossible, due to the strong noise of the exhaust gases from the engine. This device is designed to absorb the pressure of gases and reduce the noise of the engine exhaust system.

What Is A Muffler

Muffler Function

The muffler is designed to reduce the noise that occurs during the process of processing gases and air and releasing them into the atmosphere. The second main function of this tool is to convert the energy from the processed gases, reducing their temperature and reducing their speed. Several chambers of different sizes, which are separated by a baffle, realize the expansion and contraction of the flow. This is accomplished through a diaphragm orifice, also referred to as a choke. Mufflers come in a variety of different types and sizes

In addition, the muffler provides for changing the initial direction of the flow of these very processed gases. It is this that helps to dampen the high-frequency sound vibrations.

Why Is It Necessary?

For any car owner who is constantly improving the appearance and technical parameters of his car, an important point will be the tuning of the exhaust system. Today let’s understand the structure of the straight-through muffler and how to choose the best straight-through muffler for your car. Of course, when you just need to install the exhaust pipes for your car it is better to buy new ones from a proven manufacturer. But you need also remember Important Points to remember while buying Exhaust system. This way the car does not change its specifications, but at the same time, the exhaust system works perfectly.

If you want to add almost 15 horsepower to the power of the internal combustion engine, here you will need a straight-through muffler. Since the standard exhaust system can no longer handle the increased flow of exhaust gases when the engine is running in boost mode. This becomes possible after a sport camshaft or bored cylinders of the cylinder head are installed. Of course, you can’t just install the flare, you’ll need to replace it with a more powerful resonator, catalytic converter, and even the pants. The only and significant disadvantage with a straight-through muffler is the increase of the operating volume, and it will be up to 120 decibels.

Why Is It Necessary - a straight-through muffler

How to Choose the Right Muffler?

Therefore, the best option for adding power in the region of 5 horsepower will be to install an advanced resonator and pants. It is quite simple to do this by installing pipes with a slightly larger diameter, for production cars it is standard practice. With this option, the exhaust will remain pleasant and the volume of the motor within acceptable limits.

But What If You Want to Add Not Power, But Sound?

When the task is not to enhance the power characteristics of your vehicle but to create a memorable bright exhaust sound. Things are even simpler here. As the straight-through mufflers for the engine sound are specially developed and produced annually. They are called mufflers of absorptive type. If, on the contrary, it is necessary to reduce the low frequencies, there are straight-through mufflers of the resonator type. Choose the right one for you.

Selection Rules

There are several dozen manufacturers of exhaust system parts for foreign cars on the market. And sometimes it is difficult for consumers to make their choice. Some are cheaper, others more expensive, the brand of a third – everyone’s ears, and the fourth – only a few people know. First of all, the material from which the mufflers are made is important. They are made of stainless, aluminized, and ordinary steel. The great bulk of mufflers are made of aluminized steel, there are also mufflers of ordinary steel, which are a bit cheaper.

The muffler’s stuffing is not less important. The external parts of different companies are similar, but the quality of their work when buying is hidden from our eyes. Therefore, it is necessary to consider:

Selection Rules

  • 1. The internal structure of the baffles and perforated pipes.
  • 2. The presence of the second layer of housing.
  • 3. The quality of the sound-absorbing packing. Its temperature resistance, density, and resistance to blowing out.

Do not buy auto parts in dubious places, you risk getting a part completely unusable for your car. It is better to stop your choice at a specialized store, where you can get detailed information about the country of manufacture, consumable material, availability of certificates, and warranty service.

That’s It!

There are several ways to search for a muffler:

  • Search by VIN-code. Not all online platforms have a search by VIN, so another method may be useful.
  • Search according to the characteristics of the vehicle. You need to look for all the parameters, including make, model, engine characteristics, year of manufacture, etc., in order to find exactly the right variant.
  • Use a universal variant. This part will fit any vehicle, but its performance may be far from ideal.

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