Truck Сustomizers Exhaust Systems How To Fix White Smoke from Exhaust When Accelerating

How To Fix White Smoke from Exhaust When Accelerating

How To Fix White Smoke from Exhaust When Accelerating

Everyone wants to know how to fix white smoke from exhaust when accelerating. White smoke coming out of a car’s exhaust pipe is usually caused by oil burning off because the engine is too hot. When this happens, it can lead to catastrophic problems with your car and even extensive repairs that could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. In this article, we will show you some quick fixes for the problem!

If you’ve noticed that your car is emitting white smoke from the exhaust when it accelerates, there might be a few things going on.

Some cars are designed with an intake manifold vacuum check valve which can How To Fix White Smoke from Exhaust When Acceleratingcause air to enter the engine combustion chamber at high speed causing blue or white smoke coming out of the back end. To fix this problem, either unplugging or temporarily disconnecting one hose clamp for each cylinder by turning them counterclockwise and then tightening them after checking all hoses (some models may require removing one bolt). Next, remove any visible debris in areas around plug wires, spark plugs and coil packs.

If the smoke persists, and there is no visible debris in these areas then it could be a cracked head or faulty valve guide seals which might need replacement of a cylinder head gasket set. If you’ve noticed white smoke coming from exhaust when accelerating for an extended period of time with little use (like during winter) you may have blown engine oil seal(s). To fix this problem, turn off your car and let it cool before approaching to inspect for leaks at the crankcase cover bolt/nut area where vent pipe connects to intake manifold. If any are found loosen bolts accordingly by turning them counterclockwise while keeping nut tight then tighten after confirming that all parts are dry. Next replace broken seal/seals by removing vent pipe/intake manifold and turning engine over to confirm that new seal has seated correctly.

How To Fix White Smoke from Exhaust When AcceleratingYou could also check your oil level which may be low or there might have been a recent change of the type of fuel you’re using (which can cause white smoke when accelerating). This is because some fuels are rich in lubricating additives like detergents, while others use more pure hydrocarbons without these additives. To fix this problem, replace the old gasoline with higher octane-rated gas for at least 15 miles before returning to previous grade if possible.

If none of these solutions work call your local car dealership for help!


And finally I would like to notify that the problem of white smoke from exhaust should not be ignored. This not only affects other vehicles and the environment, but it also indicate that there is a problem in your car that needs special attention. It can create problems as for you as other drivers if you don’t fix the problem before driving. Nevertheless, all car owners need to do is to remain calm in order to cure their vehicle. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you always take care of your engine.

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