Truck Сustomizers Exhaust Systems What Does a Full Exhaust System Consist Of?

What Does a Full Exhaust System Consist Of?

Hi everyone, welcome to Truck Сustomizers. Today I am now explaining exhaust systems. I’ll go through the basics and then there are a few other things I’ll say at the end, all the way to various things about exhaust systems that you won’t get into. So the basics of the exhaust, of course, it’s the last stroke in a four-stroke engine that puts out those exhaust fumes and you have to get out of it and not just that you want to clean it up somehow and that it doesn’t want to be really loud, people usually don’t enjoy that. So what we have here is your little four-cylinder engine block and you have your exhaust manifold, so on the exhaust stroke. I’m going to push the gases through these various plenums here in this exhaust manifold.

O2 sensor

O2 sensorSo several stages on the way. First, we have an O2 sensor and it will check the air-fuel ratio. So if your engine is burning too rich or too lean, this is here to fix it for you. So if it appears that there is still oxygen in the exhaust, it knows that you are kind of burning lean, not using all of the fuel you need, or not injecting enough fuel. Then your engine management system injects more fuel, and vice versa, when it sees that there is no oxygen and it says, “Hey, stop the fuel injection next.” We have a catalytic converter and the point is reducing harmful emissions, so things like nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and the vaporized fuel, the hydrocarbons that you haven’t burned provided you know they’re rich or something like that.

So after a catalytic converter, we have another O2 sensor and there could be several catalytic converters on the way to make sure everything gets clean. We have another o2 sensor that essentially checks the efficiency of this catalyst.


Now not all vehicles have a resonator, basically, these are used to drown out a specific night. Areas like cruising speeds you don’t want to just be on the freeway with that really loud noise, and what that means is your wavelength of sound is coming in here and that is going to break them up and when they bounce back they recover and for certain areas, they stand out for each other on.


mufflerAnd then we finally got our muffler. This only reduces the noise across the board, pretty much reduces all frequencies, makes it a little quieter so your car is not that loud, then everything goes out of the exhaust.

So these are the basics of an exhaust. I’m going to write an article on catalytic converters and mufflers with two sensors so we can go into it a little deeper. And now you can read an interesting article that tells how to reduce the diameter of the exhaust.

I hope some of you find this article very helpful. Leave your comment and we’ll see you again here.

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