Truck Сustomizers Air Intake Kits Are Aftermarket Intakes Even Worth It?

Are Aftermarket Intakes Even Worth It?

Car aftermarket intakes have become a popular, and often expensive, aftermarket modification. If you are after a performance boost for your car, aftermarket cold air intakes may be the answer. But before you buy one of these aftermarket intake kits, it is important to consider if they are worth the money or not. This article will examine whether aftermarket cold air intakes are worth it or not and what kinds of things to look out for when deciding whether this purchase is right for you.

What is an aftermarket air intake and what does it do for your car

What is an aftermarket air intake and what does it do for your carAn aftermarket intake kit also called an aftermarket cold air intake, often comes with a filter that replaces the stock part and improves airflow into your engine. This increased flow allows more fuel to be available for combustion in order to produce power output increases of up to 13% or more on average. The high-performance filters can significantly reduce emissions as well by removing dirt and debris from the incoming air before it enters the engine’s cylinders. These intakes are designed to replace factory parts that may contain restrictions such as baffles (covers preventing outside airflow) or other impediments like paper filters that get clogged easily, causing decreased efficiency and reduced acceleration at both low-end torque and top speed levels

The pros and cons of aftermarket cold air intakes

The aftermarket intake is a part that replaces your car’s stock air filter and allows for cooler, denser air to enter the engine. This modification can improve the performance of many cars as it gives more oxygen to the cylinders which cause them to burn hotter. In addition, aftermarket intakes have been shown in some cases to lower fuel consumption rates. However, not all after-market cold airs are created equal; there are pros and cons of every product so make sure you do your research before purchasing one yourself!

The pros and cons of aftermarket cold air intakesAn aftermarket intake will typically cost between $200-500 depending on what kind you get. While this may be pricey upfront, don’t forget about all those benefits! For instance, aftermarket intakes can increase horsepower and torque by up to 15% in some cases.

This aftermarket intake modification is not without its drawbacks though. The major downside of aftermarket cold air intakes is that they are often a very sensitive piece of equipment: even the tiniest weight or vibration could be enough to destroy your expensive new investment! This means you will need to take care when installing it so as not to damage any parts while installing and make sure you never ever touch anything metal on your engine with bare hands as this may cause electrical shorts or other problems.

How to decide if you should get an aftermarket air intake

Aftermarket cold air intakes aren’t for everyone either- if you have an older car that still runs well then there really isn’t much benefit to aftermarket intakes. For instance, if your car is more than a decade old then there may not be much of a difference in horsepower or torque after installing an aftermarket cold air intake.

Are aftermarket cold airs worth the money? It all depends on how often you drive and what kind of car you have! After reading this article hopefully now you know whether to buy one for yourself or not!

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