Truck Сustomizers Exhaust Systems How to Choose Muffler for Deep Sound on 4 Cylinder

How to Choose Muffler for Deep Sound on 4 Cylinder

The best sounding muffler for 4 cylinders is an important part of both the exhaust system and the design of the vehicle. Mufflers are designed to suppress the acoustic noises that inevitably arise when exhaust gases are exhausted. Here it is important not to confuse the muffler and the entire exhaust duct. We will talk about the last element of this pathway. Since the range presented on the market mufflers is very wide, I will try to understand the peculiarities of construction of this part, used materials, and the effectiveness of constructions as a whole.

Mufflers Are Divided by Design into The Following:

    • Straight-through. They are also called sport mufflers. Their work is characterized by a significant reduction in the resistance of the automotive Nice Deep Rumble Exhaust For 4 Cylinder. As a rule, straight-through mufflers are installed on sports cars, as they do not have a big impact on the power of the engine. A serious disadvantage: a high price. These parts are made of stainless steel;

Mufflers Are Divided by Design into The Following - Dissipative

  • Resonant. Otherwise, they are called reactive. They are mufflers, inside which are hidden several chambers of different lengths and one or two, less often a larger number of perforated pipes. The essence of noise reduction is to add up several sound waves for their mutual destruction. Such components of the exhaust system were actively used in old domestic cars;
  • Dissipative. Inside such mufflers, there is a special sound-absorbing material. Sound energy in it is converted into thermal energy. The design is simple and reliable. The efficiency of high-frequency noise damping is very high, and the efficiency of low-frequency noise damping is medium-high;
  • Labyrinth mufflers. Such silencers have one-two chamber and separate inlet and outlet pipes. The gas moves in the silencer at random and the noise level of certain frequencies drops down seriously. As whole such silencers cope with their task well above the average. But there is a serious disadvantage – they create a big resistance to the gas flow, and as a consequence, the car power drops;
  • Combined. The design combines dissipative and resonant mufflers.

What Are the Criteria for Choosing Mufflers?

The price of a new muffler depends on its volume. Accordingly, if the driver wants to save money, he can take a part of a small volume. You may also save money on materials and construction. Only the result will be not better: both noise absorption and exhausts will suffer. So, when choosing a good muffler, you need to consider the following:

  • Design and appearance. It is easy to identify by its appearance, for example, a straight-flow muffler. The presence of paint tells about the material used – aluminized steel is not painted;
  • Weight. In practice, it works like this: the heavier a product is, the better it will be;
  • The quality of assembling. Though there is no possibility to look into the inside of the labyrinth muffler, some peculiarities of the assembly are at once striking. Pay attention to the welding seams. If you can see the folds of metal on the muffler, it is better not to take it.

What Are the Criteria for Choosing Mufflers

Thus, you should take into account that the quality of noise absorption depends not only on the volume but also on the quality of perforated pipes, the presence of a double-layer body, and other things. The best are straight-through mufflers – well dampen the sounds and have almost no effect on the engine of the car. Straight-through mufflers also absorb noise well, but badly affect the engine. Preferred materials: stainless or aluminized steel.

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