How to Make a 4 Cylinder Sound Like a V8

Many drivers wonder how to increase engine power or Muffler for Deep Sound on 4 Cylinder. There are many different methods to increase power: raise the amount of fuel burned in the cylinders, speed up exhaust emissions, and optimize the mechanical part. Read more about each method in this article!

To understand how to increase the power of the engine, it is necessary to understand what this parameter depends on and what is the best muffler for 4 cylinder car. How is the number of conditional horsepower in the motor determined? A technically competent driver will say that this characteristic is directly proportional to torque and engine speed. And he will be right.

Simply put, torque is the force with which the piston presses on the connecting rod, multiplied by the arm (crank radius), and makes the crankshaft rotate. So if you’re thinking about how to increase the power of a car engine, you need to solve the problem of increasing torque. You also need to reduce the friction forces, which reduces the efficiency of any mechanism.

How to Increase the Oxygen (Air) Supply

To cheer up your “steel horse”, it is possible and even necessary to provide a greater flow of oxygen into the combustion chambers. A good filling of the cylinders with air makes the fuel burn better, so if you have increased the fuel supply, think about how to add oxygen to the combustion chamber. Otherwise, some of the gasoline or diesel will fly into the tailpipe, not giving an increase in power. But you have to remember excessive air can have the opposite effect. You need to remember about the deep sound muffler.

Zero Resistance Filter

Zero Resistance Filter

The easiest way to increase the oxygen supply to the engine is to install a zero resistance air filter. You can perform this operation yourself. For those who are thinking about how to increase the power of the engine with their own hands, it is recommended this method. It should be borne in mind that the filtering capacity of this device is lower than that of the regular consumable, so you will have to pay with a reduced engine life, as road dust quickly wears out friction parts.


This is a very effective way. You can also make a 4 cylinder straight pipe sound. If the car’s engine is “atmospheric” and you are wondering if you can increase its power, then this option is optimal. You can expect a 30-50% increase in horsepower! You will have to pay a pretty penny for this pleasure, as it will be necessary not only to buy and install a turbine but also to upgrade the engine cooling system.

Some drivers are interested in how to increase the power of a 1.6 or another turbocharged engine. If the car is equipped with a turbocharged motor, you can try to squeeze some more “horses” out of it by installing a more powerful supercharger. You should remember that the power unit’s service life will inevitably decrease.

Advice from professionals

After the work to increase the supply of fuel and oxygen into the cylinders, it is also desirable to modernize the loud 4 cylinder exhaust system to improve the ventilation of the combustion chambers. This will help to get a greater effect from tuning the fuel and air system.


Optimizing the Mechanical Part of The Internal Combustion Engine

Experimenting, how to increase engine power, you can go another way. Instead of trying to increase the torque due to external factors (fuel and air supply, exhaust), it is worth looking for reserves inside. The essence of the method is to minimize the impact of factors that impede the optimal performance of the power unit. The laws of physics are always and everywhere, so the work of any mechanism is hindered by two forces: inertia and friction.

Increasing Engine Displacement

Therefore, to get an increase in the liter of the engine, the cylinders are bored. Special tools are used to bore out the inner cavity of the cylinders and install pistons with a larger diameter. The disadvantage of this method – high cost. It is necessary to bore all cylinders to the same value, and the accuracy should be within 0.01 mm. Repair pistons with a larger diameter cost considerably more than standard pistons. Such an operation can be performed only in a car service center.

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