Truck Сustomizers Exhaust Systems How to Get Best Exhaust Systems for GMC Sierra 1500

How to Get Best Exhaust Systems for GMC Sierra 1500

With time even the most refined and smartest car, which at first very much even liked, starts to get “bored” little by little. Therefore, many motorists want to make any changes to improve their iron companion or simply put their car for sale. But it is not necessary to resort to such radical decisions. There is a way out – you can modernize some parts of your car, for example, to carry out the tuning of the exhaust system. How to do it? That is exactly what we will discuss with you today. Let’s go!

How to Improve the Exhaust System?

How to Get Best Exhaust Systems for GMC Sierra 1500

Vacuum or Electric Damper

Installed in a straight-through exhaust system to reduce noise levels. With it, you can change the volume of your car by opening and closing the flaps. The system is quite simple: when the flaps are closed, the exhaust sound is almost silent, barely audible, and very quiet. As soon as you open them, the sound becomes loud, growling, and bassy. Moreover, when the flaps are open, the torque and power increase, so the car becomes lighter. The flap is controlled by a small button installed on the key fob or in the cabin of your car. The specialists will be happy to help you choose the right system and install it with all your wishes in mind.

Exhaust Straight

You can change the sound of the exhaust by installing a straight-through exhaust (which provides direct release of gases), which increases the sound and becomes louder. To avoid deafness in the car owner, when installing a straight-through, resonators and various nozzles are additionally used, which gives a “smooth” sound.

The Active Sound of The Exhaust System

This system is very interesting – it can be controlled remotely, using your smartphone! What is it? Well, here’s what it is: it’s a large speaker in a metal casing that connects to the exhaust system, whereby the sound from the exhaust system is joined to the sound that the speaker makes. The speaker with the software module connects to your smartphone, with the help of your smartphone you can adjust the volume of the exhaust and its frequency. But there are a couple of disadvantages: the sound is not real – this is, firstly, and secondly, the speaker is not useful – the car in its presence “becomes heavy” and worse acceleration. Let’s take a look at Best Exhaust Systems for GMC Sierra.

Best Exhaust System for GMC Sierra

The Best Exhaust System for GMC Sierra 1500

Flowmaster 817680 American Thunder Cat-Back. The Flow master America Thunder Cat-back exhaust system will give you a deep, aggressive growling sound with more horsepower while using less gasoline. Flowmaster is probably the best known and most respected name in the performance exhaust arena, and for good reason. Flowmaster Exhaust has decades of experience innovating and refining exhaust system design for electrifying power gains and rich sound.

Why Tuning?

So far, there is no unequivocal answer that confirms the need for tuning. But quite often, when any part of the exhaust system malfunctions or begins to malfunction, car owners begin to consider such an option as tuning. Some decide to do this work with their own hands, and others immediately contact the professionals – it’s up to you to decide. For those people who have decided to make tuning of the exhaust system on your car, it is worth getting acquainted with all possible types of tuning of this part of the car. In addition, some of them can be done independently, without assistance.

Bottom Line

To summarize all of the above, it can be said that the less expensive and faster options for tuning the exhaust are the external and sound changes. They can be made by yourself. More complex and financially costly is the technical tuning, and it must be done by a specialist. So I hope this article was useful for you and choose for sure the best exhaust system for your car!

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