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Why Do I Need a Relay for Fog Lights

Why Do I Need A Relay for My Fog Lights?

A relay is a switch. And it’s not exactly a normal switch. When a light bulb lights up in the entryway from the sound of footsteps, it’s not magic, it’s a relay that works. In this article, I will talk about the purpose of the relay and how it works. To put it simply, when the input value changes (current, voltage), the relay closes or opens the circuit. Depending on the type of relay, the input value is not necessarily of an electrical nature. Two fog light connection schemes are possible for the installation: With parallel connection, the plus wire goes to each headlight from the relay contact. This arrangement eliminates the possibility of running headlights when the engine is off. If desired, the headlights can be auto-ignited after the ignition is turned on.

The Main Benefits of Fog Lights

The Main Benefits of Fog Lights

If you want to know what are fog lights good for, the fog light illuminates the road with a wide beam, improving the visibility of the road and the roadside, so the driver can see the road more clearly, maneuver better, not to dazzle the drivers of oncoming cars, which significantly reduces the risk of accidents during precipitation. Headlights are supplied complete with fixings and power wiring, and to turn on are used OEM switches.

The Relay Can Perform Several Functions

1. Switch that you turn on the fog lights from the cabin is not designed for the current that consumes fog lights 2 * 40W/12V = about 7A. No switch on the steering wheel or an ordinary “button” will not withstand this current and can even melt. Consequently, we have to or put a 10amp toggle switch (which looks on the dashboard like a saddle on a cow or hide under the hood of a relay that is controlled by a button from the cabin and includes fog lights.

2. Often there is a phrase in the traffic code “dipped beam or fog lights. It means that in a normal car fog lights should not operate simultaneously with a dipped or dipped beam. And so as not to overload the generator, and so as not to blind oncoming drivers in four beams (although many drivers at the same time). Here again, relay helps. As soon as the headlight is turned on, the relay automatically turns off fog lights. I have a block of three relays on my fog lights. One turns on the fog lights when the ignition is on, the other two turn them off when the headlights are on.

Relay Application

Relay Application

Relays are mainly used to protect power equipment from overvoltages, in automobile electronics. Relays are also found in many household appliances. The kettle uses a thermal relay. Every refrigerator has a starter relay. Joseph Henry invented the relay in 1835. The first relays found their purpose in telegraphy. For example, it is logical to assume that the current relay serves to control the strength of the current in a circuit. Thus, when an electric motor is overloaded, the current relay is switched on, which switches on the time relay with its contacts. After the permissible time has elapsed while the motor is overloaded, the time relay breaks the circuit. Of course, all this may seem complicated and confusing at first. However, if you start to understand and put in a little effort, you will soon not only be able to tell yourself about the device and the principle of operation of the relay but also to successfully engage in its connection.

Thus, in the future, perhaps, to become a specialist in relay protection. When there is a student service, whose specialists are ready to help at any time, you no longer need to be afraid of difficult subjects and strict teachers.

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