What Are Wind Deflectors And Why Do I Need Them

Side window deflectors are plastic covers in the form of visors, which are installed on the front and rear side windows of passenger cars. The main function of the side window deflectors is to create more comfortable conditions for the driver and passengers when driving with the windows ajar in any weather and at any speed.

If you are wondering «what are wind deflectors and why do I need them»,
Ajar windows are a vital necessity for smoking drivers and for cars without air conditioning or for some reason with inoperative air conditioning. Smoke, ash inside, misting of glasses, besides causing inconvenience to passengers and driver, also cause damage to traffic safety. To avoid all this, you just need to open the windows ajar. But with open windows when driving the car the following inconveniences appear:

  • During rain or snow, water and dirt get into the interior, dirty water from the wipers can also get into the interior of the car.
  • When driving fast, airflow enters the passenger compartment, creating a sail effect, i.e. counteracting the movement of the car, and this leads to some increase in fuel consumption.
  • The airflow into the passenger compartment may attract small stones, which is dangerous for the people in the vehicle.

What Does The Installation Of Side Window Deflectors Give

What Does The Installation Of Side Window Deflectors Give?

In the first case, when driving a car at high speed installed side window deflector deflects the flow of air, not allowing him to get into the cabin, thus deflector protects the passenger and driver from injured stones and small objects, which together with the flow of air can get into the cabin. It is because of the protection from the wind such accessories are called “wind deflectors”.

The installed side window deflectors improve the aerodynamic characteristics of the car, because they change the airflow, not letting it get inside, thereby eliminating the sail effect, which reduces fuel consumption. The air flows smoothly around the car body.

What Are the Deflectors Made Of?

If you want to know what are window deflectors for or what are side window deflectors for, side window deflectors, like hood deflectors, must withstand high dynamic loads when the car moves at high speed. Deflectors must be light and tough, withstand blows of small stones and be resistant to temperature changes.

All of the above requirements are satisfied by lightweight polymers. Of the many polymers produced today, the most suitable for the manufacture of deflectors is organic glass, or acrylic glass – a transparent thermoplastic material without odor, it is strong, very lightweight, resistant to temperature changes, while it does not emit harmful substances. Acrylic glass products do not change color from exposure to sunlight and prolonged use, and they are easy to dispose of.

Side Window Deflectors

Side Window Deflectors

Usually, deflectors are made of black or smoked color, but the technology of acrylic glass allows making products of different colors, so today you can choose the deflectors that match the color of the car, or install transparent deflectors.

So, is it worth installing wind deflectors on the windows by yourself or you better leave it to a specialist? It is enough to remove the protective tape and press the visor tightly to the mounting location. There are also plug-in models, which are mounted under the glass sealing rubber. For their installation, you will need to spend more time and physical effort.

It is more difficult to remove the deflector on an adhesive basis than an inserted one. Its removal will require up to an hour of time, a hairdryer, a fishing line, and most importantly – patience and accuracy. Heat a hairdryer on one side of the windshield and pry the fishing line under it. Continuing to heat the visor, run the fishing line under it, peeling the deflector from the door paintwork. After removing the plastic part, you can remove the adhesive layer with a rag and solvent.

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