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How to Make a Wiring Harness for Fog Lights

The modern car is equipped with a number of lighting solutions to improve comfort and safety during the operation of the vehicle. As a rule, in addition to the head and tail lights, many cars also have PTFs at the front. The so-called fog lights cope well with road illumination in poor visibility conditions (fog or rain) and are an additional source of lighting in the dark. It is worth noting that many cars, both domestic and budget foreign cars, often do not have regular PTF from the factory.

Given all the advantages, for a number of reasons, many owners are interested in how to put fog lights with their own hands. Below we will consider how to connect fog lights, what are Fog Lights Used For, what gauge wire for fog lights, the scheme of connection of PTFs, as well as what features and nuances should be paid attention to when installing. You can choose here Fog Lights for Ford F150.

Fog Lights Installation Connection

First of all, you need to determine whether there are versions of a particular car with fog lights. The fact that the same model, but already in the middle or top configuration, is usually already equipped with fog lights (lights). In this case, the installation of fog lights usually does not require a separate preparation of space for installation, as fog lights are placed in ready-made places, covered with plugs. Also, you can often find ready wiring for fog lights, etc., which greatly simplifies the installation.

Installing Fog Lights Requirements of Traffic Regulations

Installing Fog Lights Requirements of Traffic Regulations

If there are no ready-made places, then the fog lights can be taken separately (external fog lights) or will need to remake the front bumper under the fog lights. By the way, in the latter case, this solution can turn into some difficulties, as these improvements are considered a modification of the design of the vehicle and its partial re-equipment. To avoid problems, you need to study the requirements for the installation of fog lights. It is quite obvious that the fog lights must be placed, installed, and connected correctly. It turns out if there are no regular locations for the installation of fog lights, these places need to pick up because the installation of fog lights must be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements for their placement on the car, as well as connectivity. Also read about solving a problem with a Blinking Turn Signal.

We should also add that after the installation of fog lights or some work may be required to adjust the headlights (including fog lights) to get the correct angle of incidence of light on the road surface.

How to Make a Wiring Harness for Fog Lights

Having decided how to put fog lights and secured the fog lights themselves, you can move on to their connection. Connecting fog lights can be performed in several ways. In practice, if the car already has regular wiring for fog lights, this connection will be the easiest.

Wiring Harness for Fog Lights

In this case, the factory electrical scheme partially or completely has the supply wires, connectors, relay, fuse, switch, etc. In fact, you just need to put the headlights and connect them to the connectors. Typically, this option is available when new PTFs are put on a car originally equipped with fog lights. The main thing is to choose PTFs that are suitable in terms of mounting, connections, overall dimensions, and other characteristics. If your car has no circuit for the connection of low beam headlights, you will have to do the wiring on your own. To do this, you need:

  • copper wires in insulation;
  • a relay for fog lights;
  • a button for fog lights (a switch for fog lights);
  • fuse;
  • fog lights.

Thus, we should note right away, you should not connect the fog lights to the parking lights. Please note, the wires and switch lights are not designed for the additional load. Also, be sure to connect PTF through a fuse, which protects the car from fire in the event of a short circuit.

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