Truck Сustomizers Driving Fog Lights How to install LED fog lights on a Ford f150?

How to install LED fog lights on a Ford f150?

There are four main types of lamps used in the vehicle lighting system: conventional incandescent bulbs, xenon lamps, halogen lamps and LED fog lamps. Recently, LED fog lamps for a car are gaining popularity in everyday life and at work, as well as among motorists. LED car lamps have a huge number of features that you need to consider when buying. In order not to be mistaken in the choice, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main advantages of Ford F-150 fog lamps.

Main Reasons

The advantages of LED lamps over halogen lamps are enough. It is easier to say that the better halogen ones are – they are cheaper. However, on the rest of the points, they are lagging behind the LED ones. The main reason for the increasing demand for these luminaires is that they have a higher luminous flux at a lower wattage, and longer service life compared to conventional ones. They are especially relevant for the Ford F-150. Before choosing or purchasing LED fog lights, it is worth determining if they are suitable for this type of headlights and taillights. Because LED fog lamps are structurally longer than conventional lamps. Rather, not the lamp itself, but its shank.

Main Reasons

The reason for this is the need to install radiators for cooling the LEDs and the presence of a driver in this type of lamp. The rated power of the lamp is indicated in the characteristics of the vehicle. According to the power, fuses and wire cross-sections are selected. To ensure a sufficient level of illumination of the road, the luminous flux must be sufficient and appropriate for the type of product. When installing Ford F-150 fog lights, you first need to re-equip the headlights in a specialized organization, which will install the appropriate lenses and other equipment in them that will provide the LED lighting with an optimal beam of light projected onto the road. Also, for the legal registration of LED optics, you need to obtain permission to re-equip the car.

How to Install Ford F-150 Fog Lights?

  • 1. First, you need to remove the headlight from the car.
  • 2. Next, we disassemble the sealed headlight unit, the sealant needs to be warmed up, this must be done carefully and we install the tape in the headlight, there are no difficulties.
  • 3. Then we close the headlamp unit, you cannot make a mistake here. If the headlamp is not airtight, moisture will immediately enter it and, most likely, the lamp will burn out.
  • 4. At the very end, we insert the headlight into place. You can install the tape in this way on the front and rear lights.

To sum up, if you install the headlights correctly, the result is excellent – such illumination looks gorgeous. It is possible to install LEDs, but only in compliance with technical and legal requirements. This is a great solution for improving the quality of lighting. According to experts, over time, this type of lamp will replace the usual.

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