Truck Сustomizers Air Intake Kits How Can I Get More Power Out of My Ford Ranger?

How Can I Get More Power Out of My Ford Ranger?

How can I get more power out of my Ford Ranger

How to add horsepower to your car? This question is asked by many drivers of cars, and especially drivers of a Ford Ranger because they want to improve the characteristics of the car! And today I will tell you in detail how to increase the power of your car. Let’s go!

Where Does the Power Come From?

There are two ways to raise the power of an internal combustion engine. You either have to make the fuel work more efficiently or increase its consumption. There are no other ways since the internal combustion engine gets all of its energy from gasoline or diesel fuel. It remains to dispose of the combustion energy as efficiently as possible.

Reducing Mechanical Losses

No engine will give its full power if a considerable part of the energy will be spent on overcoming mechanical losses. It is impossible to get rid of them completely, but it is real to reduce them. That is why engine builders started using lightweight pistons and connecting rods, retaining their original dimensions. Such kits for motors are often on sale – tuning engineers willingly use them. It becomes easier for the engine to crank the massive parts.

Reduce Inlet Resistance

Zero resistance air filter. Very “sporty” image! Many honestly do not understand why they are not installed on all cars in the series…

Tales About Engine Compression

How can I get more power out of my Ford Ranger

Without air, the internal combustion engine will instantly stall – it’s clear. Since it is not so easy for the air to get to combustion chambers, it is worth easing the life of the engine. There are several ways – to install a zero resistance air filter, to polish the Best Cold Air Intake for Ford Ranger and its pipe channels. At once we shall note, that airlines nowadays, basically do from plastic, and consequently, there a lot will not polish. Also, the “zero volumetric” on input is not a gift. Let its resistance be less than that of a regular filter and therefore it does not suffocate a motor so much, but it is reached by worse filtering capacity. In other words – less resistance, but more dirt. By the way, there is no such problem with watercraft engines…

Increasing the Compression Ratio

The higher the compression ratio, that is the ratio of the cylinder volume to the combustion chamber volume, the higher its power – it’s the alphabet. But you can’t just raise the compression ratio: you need mechanical intervention. Typical ways are to undercut the cylinder head, apply a thinner gasket, etc.

Increase of Displacement

It is another page of ABC: the more is the engine capacity, the more you can demand from it. Volume can be increased in two ways: by increasing piston stroke and cylinder diameter.


To increase the quantity of combustible fuel, it is necessary to add air, and for this supercharging is used. There are many ways – turbochargers, drive superchargers of different types. If there is already a compressor on the car, you can try to “squeeze” it a little – of course, within reasonable limits, otherwise, it will blow everything away.

Let’s Cool Charge Air

If the air heated by the compressor is passed through the intercooler, its density will increase, and therefore the filling of the cylinders will improve.

Heating Up the Engine

The higher the internal combustion engine temperature, the higher its efficiency. It is clear that overheating is a dangerous thing, but if you play with the temperature within small limits (say, by adjusting the thermostat), you can achieve something.

By the way, the same purpose was achieved at one time, refusing from a drive fan of the cooling system in favor of electric one. It did not rotate constantly, but only when necessary, significantly speeding up the engine’s heating and somewhat increasing its efficiency. So, I hope this article was useful to you and have a good trip!

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