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How to Install a Cold Air Intake on a Truck

Hey guys and welcome to Truck Customizers! Today in this article I am going to tell you how to install a cold air intake on your car.

We’re going to replace the stock intake and we’re going to replace it with a cold air intake so the intake position for the intake is lower than essentially if I take in colder air and then save the air that is picking up here in the engine bay. So we are going to replace all these pipes with new pipes we are replacing this pipe right here and everything after that with this pipe with a filter at the end now whether it actually makes electricity or not is theoretically irrelevant, when if you do a vote together with the cold air inlet, you will get 100% performance, but if you install a cold air inlet or short ram inlet on your car without tuning, you may not notice the suction noise that a cold air inlet or short ram inlet will make once If you have it installed on the car, it will be a day/night difference and will have a nice, mean growl.


So we have the engine, the intake manifold and we have the throttle body and before that, we have the inlet, so all of that is going to be replaced along with the piping that comes down here so that the new piping is going to replace everything right here, with that all of that is gone and the suction line is routed downstairs and you’ll see where exactly it goes later.

Step #1

The first thing we need to do is remove the sensor on top of the inlet and that goes for the air mass meter. So disconnect it and set it aside on the intake manifold so that the piping goes straight to the throttle body. Just remove the clamp out of the way and then you can disconnect the old intake box from the hose that goes directly to the engine, so if you have any screws securing the intake box to the car you’ll want to remove them, so we had one right there and another down there that we remove.

Step #2

Now the suction box should be free so you can just pull on it. Now when the air gets into the engine, every car needs to be measured somehow that you have an air mass meter, an absolute pressure mass sensor, or some other sensor that just determines how much air is now getting into the engine. There are many different ways that but we need to save this part here so when installing the cold air intake the computer will still know how much air is going through this pipe and this will determine how much air going into the motor with the airbox now remove you can see there are two There are cap screws that attach this sensor to the airbox here, so all you need to do is remove and take them both out.

Cold Air Intake

Step #3

Make sure that when you reinstall your mass airflow meter on the inlet, make sure you install it correctly, and if you can see right there in the light that there is an arrow pointing in the direction of the airflow. So make sure this is facing the intake manifold so that before we can install the cold air intake on the car we remove this tray down here and this line here for the old airbox because we have to slide this pipe right down in there and stuff it looks like there is not enough space.

Step #4

So that we don’t need it when the cold air inlet is on, but we have to remove the piece here because there isn’t enough room to slide a pipe into this little hole. We didn’t install the mass airflow meter, but we did fit that side of the pipe down here and we now need to install the cone filter down there, whatever you want to call it and that will hold the pipe down there, so you’ll need one use another nut to attach the bottom of it, and then we need to put the cone filter on the end of the pipe so we just attached the airflow meter up here on the inlet part that leads to the throttle body so we have this clamped in now and then needs that Attach the inlet part up to here. Okay, so we’re going to slide both pieces up and then slide in.

Step #5

And now we’re going to grab one of those pieces, one of those clamps, to secure and hold it in place so that we have it assembled now. The cable is plugged in for the air mass meter, we both tighten and then we just installed the filter at the bottom of the end of the cold air inlet and put it on, so it sits down now and is so connected and we clamp this little silver clamp down here that we tighten up so that the air filter does not move.

Cold Air Intake Installation

Step #6

So from the bottom of the car, I’m going to show you where the air intake is, so it’s right down and sucking in cold air from the wheel arch so we have our horn right there and it just sucking the air on that gets through the bumper here come in and it will go straight to the cold air inlet, here’s a better shot of that so we put the filter on the pipe right there and when we come here to get in the engine in the bay we see the inlet is right there so we are going to tighten the little silver piece to secure the inlet the filter up to the pipe now all we have to do is put the battery back into the car and then we can turn the car on and see how it sounds.


And so now you install a cold air intake on your car. It’s very simple, it’s not really much and you won’t damage anything to your car now, as it stands on your car with a normal cold air inlet and stands a series tune, so the tune that the car was delivered with by the manufacturer, you probably will don’t do it anymore. All you are going to do is make more noise but if you want to make extra horsepower out of it you are you have to go with an aftermarket tune as there is no other way because that way you have the right mood for Your cold air inlet. If you have any questions about this article, please throw them in the comments section below, and be happy to help.

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