Truck Сustomizers Windows Windshields Do Rain Guards Really Work?

Do Rain Guards Really Work?

Everyone wants to take care of their car and tries to keep its appearance for as long as possible. But even the most diligent maintenance will not save the vehicle from debris that scratches the coating. To avoid the dirt that flies into the interior, you can install side window deflectors or insert deflectors. Have you ever asked the question “what are wind deflectors and why do I need them “? These are good devices that keep dust out of the interior when the windows are opened, thereby keeping the appearance inside the cabin in good condition.

The deflectors will also prevent rain or snow from entering the cabin in bad weather, so the ventilation of the cabin with them will be better and safer. The device is a plastic bent design, which repeats all the bends of the car. For each vehicle, you need to buy your own wind deflectors.

Does It Work?

Window deflectors (wind deflectors) are a type of car accessories that perform primarily a protective function against getting dirt and water on the driver, passengers, and into the car interior when the windows are ajar. Such deflector is a visor of high-strength acrylic transparent or translucent glass, repeating the contours of the upper edge of the door. If you are wondering what tape is recommended for applying window deflectors on vehicles, they are also called “door windshields”, “window windshields”, “window deflectors”. A wind deflector creates an aerodynamic “shadow” near the upper edge of the side windows of the car and shifts the air stream from this area of glass, lowering the pressure in it.

Does It Work

Thanks to this effect deflectors of windows:

  • Protect the interior from raindrops and muddy splashes from passing cars
  • Prevent soiling and misting of the side windows
  • Ventilate the passenger compartment. Air is sort of drawn-out, thanks to wind deflectors there is circulation and natural air exchange.

Advantages of Deflectors

In addition to the fact that the deflectors on the windows of the car – a way of protection, they also serve to improve the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle. This means that the car will steer better at any speed.

That being said, manufacturers do not install wind deflectors as standard equipment, as they can affect the vehicle’s streamlining for the worse. Companies are trying to make the car smoother because it helps to reduce fuel consumption by making the air resistance much less.

Thus, it can be said that the deflectors:

  • Protect the coating of the car;
  • Do not let the moisture in the cabin;
  • Perform an aesthetic function;
  • Improve the aerodynamics.

Advantages of Deflectors

Thus, during the movement of the car, the role of the deflector is extended: due to its shape, it deflects the airflow coming on the car so that an aerodynamic shadow is formed directly behind the visor and under it. The aerodynamic shadow is characterized by a slowing down of the airflow (due to the formation of swirling flows – whirls) – thanks to this, for example, cigarette ash even at high speed of the car is not “sucked back” into the cabin, and the smoke is removed more effectively into the atmosphere.

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