How to Choose the Right Tonneau Cover For Your Truck

If you are looking for a loading area cover, you have come to the right place.

I’m here to help you find the perfect fit for your needs. Truck bed covers often vary between looks, features and cost, so as you navigate all of this, come on I’ll show you how to get rid of things. Check bed covers can be divided into two types based on the material used, they are supposed to be seamless and lightweight Hardcover on the other hand you use rigid materials like aluminum, it could be a little more expensive but there is an extra layer of security that you don’t need for a night now in the types of soft and heavy there are two styles that are based on them to fold and roll.

Tri-fold design

Tri FoldLet’s start with these foldable models like this Extang trifecta 2.0, now it’s a tri-fold design and easy to use. To start, loosen the rear clamps here and then literally just flip it over yourself, and then if you want to drive around town with the city open, don’t worry, it will be secured here and then with these clips, if you want something Want to hold on to bigger things and maybe a little bigger, don’t worry, this thing is so light that you can just take it off and put it back on later and one of the best things about it is that it is easy to install, no tools required, it takes roughly five minutes I like the sound From then on it goes on to the exciting Big Brother, the Solid Fold 2.0 works and installs just like this Trifecta, but the big differences are a hardcover and it is made from this one inch thick, dent-resistant hard panel and inserts obviously adding some level of security but it also means that this cover is super strong, believe it or not, it can b is to hold 600 pounds of distributed weight, which is incredibly okay.


HardcoverLet’s take a look at the backflip mx4 now, if you routinely need the full cargo area then the backflip mx4’s four-fold hardcover is a great option with easy-to-use cable releases on both sides. You get old bed access and then it’s safe and secure, to drive around town with these support poles to close the MX4. Just put that support bar back where it belongs and just snap it into place here. Notice how flush it is with the cargo bed. This low profile is achieved through the use of a rail system that allows the cover to sit in the bed instead of on top. Plus, the pile bed pocket remains available for installing other accessories, a little more than the X-Things but nothing a few tools and 20 minutes can’t do. The moral of the story is the versatility and good looks that the MX 4 has made it the best-selling hardcover on the market. Plus, the pile bed pocket remains available for installing other accessories, a little more than the X-Things but nothing a few tools and 20 minutes can’t do. The moral of the story is the versatility and good looks that the MX 4 has made it the best-selling hardcover on the market.

Rolling covers

Rolling coversNow is the time to take a closer look at a different style of roll cover and some people just prefer the intuitive use of a roll cover a few pros The overalls waist weight is on the bed and you get full bed access first Rolling Cover in our range, the Truxedo Truck Sport is a great economical option, release the trigger at the bottom and then pull the cover towards the front of the cab. As you can see the cover is attached with a Velcro system that sits on rails, but it’s pretty simple, it just takes a few simple tools and about twenty minutes of your time once you make it to the front of the cab, just attach it and move around freely.

On the other hand, the Truxedo Pro X 15 is a premium soft roll with black matt material bondage. The vinyl top has a contemporary look that looks good on any pickup truck, also has a low profile compared to a truck sport, and due to this rail system, it is installed on the inside of the bed, which also opens the stanchion bed pockets and makes them available.
Another benefit is that the trigger is only on one side of the cover and for all of these reasons the Pro-x-15 should now be at the top of your soft roll list to be something really unique to the Back Revolver x4 really innovative is its modern matt black vinyl plate, which is attached to heavy-duty aluminum slats, offers the security of a hardcover with the ease of a roll-cover and then simply buckle up and off you go. Another thing I love about this thing is how easy it is to roll it right back into place. It has a cable release so it is easily accessible from both sides on the rail so it will likely take about 20 minutes to install.

Retractable covers

Pro XR RETRACTABLE coverDid I mention that this one retractable cover like the Pro XR retractable cover is a variation on a rolling cover, instead of rolling it onto the cargo bed, it rolls into a canister on the cargo bed and although it takes up a bit of bed access space, it retains this clean lines and you’ve always wanted the Pro XR retractable landing gear is made of matte black aluminum slats that give it a great look, and it’s all metal making it one of the safest on the market plus it slides on ball bearings and you can Lock at any point depending on the access to the bed. One of those standout features now is the rail system that allows you to install your luggage rack and carry your load on your bed installation for the hole Pro XR takes around thirty minutes with two people.

A one-piece lid

A one piece coverNeither a foldable nor a rolling cover a one-piece cover is a great option for a seamless, clean look the Undercover Elite LX is color-coordinated it really seems to be an integral part of the truck, covering both the sides and the rear and it holds that up Water outside How does it work? It’s pretty simple, you twist the knob and let these struts lift the ABS lid. Just close it by directly shutting it down and snapping it back into place. Installation is easy 30 minutes or so with two people.

Truck caps like these ARE Overland is a great way to move those large items without worrying about not getting them secured and covered. Take the camping gear you love, or maybe a dresser or couch, and load it in here and your cargo area. Just remember that whatever you put in here has to come from behind. One thing I really like about truck caps is that they enhance the look of the truck and are the right color. Well, I had an all-terrain colored one on an old raptor and that really added to my truck’s personality.

Just like the retractable landing gear, it has a rail system that allows you to take your adventures with you at any time. Because of the size of the cap, you must order it from an area distributor and they will be installed for you.

There you have nine of the most popular truck bed covers out there, there are more of course, but this at least gives you the basics of your cover needs and in case you are wondering if all nine of these were made in the USA.

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