What Kind of Oil Does my Chevy 350 Need

What Kind of Oil Does my Chevy 350 Need

Oil for High Mileage Chevy 350 provides lubrication to all moving engine parts, coating them with a protective film that reduces wear and friction, therefore more energy is transferred to the wheels. It also protects engine parts from dirt, harmful deposits, and corrosion. And finally, it refreshes the engine by taking the excess heat away from the combustion chamber and transferring it down to the crankcase pan. If you’re interested in a quick answer, however, I can tell you right off the bat that for the later models of the Chevy 350, such as the LT-9, L83, L98, L05, or L31, most people use 5W-30 oil. For older models like the LT1, L82, or L81, most people use either 10W30 or 10W40. So, What Are the Different Types of Motor Oil?

Motor Oils

They are used for the lubrication of internal combustion engines. Depending on their purpose they are divided into oils for diesel engines, oils for gasoline engines, and multi-purpose oils, which are intended for both types of engines. They are produced from highly purified base oils, which are used as oil products, as well as synthetic components, and high-performance additives that improve the properties of oils. Oils are divided into mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic according to their base composition.

Synthetic Oils

What Kind of Oil Does my Chevy 350 NeedMotor oils recommended for use in the latest turbocharged gasoline engines, supercharged diesel engines …

Semi-Synthetic Oils

Motor oils intended for the lubrication of modern gasoline engines, including fuel injected engines …

Mineral Oils

Motor oils, designed for the lubrication of the forced carburetor engines of domestic and foreign cars …

Diesel Oils

Motor oils, designed for lubrication of diesel engines of automobiles, tractors, ships, diesel locomotives, and diesel generators…

 Engine Oils for Two-Stroke Engines

Designed for the lubrication of two-stroke gasoline engines of motorcycles, snowmobiles, chainsaws, boat motors, and other small equipment.

Transmission Oils, Hydraulic Oils

They are designed to lubricate friction units of transmissions of cars and trucks, buses, tractors, diesel locomotives, road-building, and other machines.

Power Oils

What Kind of Oil Does my Chevy 350 NeedThe group of power oils includes turbine oils, electric insulating oils, and compressor oils. Turbine oils are intended to lubricate and cool the bearings of steam and gas turbines, water turbines, and turbochargers. They are also used in regulation systems, in circulating and hydraulic systems of industrial machinery.

Industrial Oils

They are intended to reduce friction and wear of parts, mechanisms of machines, presses, rolling mills, and other industrial equipment, heat removal from friction units, protection of parts from corrosion, etc. They are used as working fluids for hydraulic systems of industrial equipment.

White Oils

Chemically inert products without color, smell, and taste. Such quality is achieved by a very high degree of purification of distillates of high-quality oils. They are used in medicine, perfumery, for lubrication of mechanisms in the food industry, where the contact of lubricant with the product is possible.

Instrument Oils

These oils are intended for lubrication of instruments and devices, filling oil-pneumatic shock absorbers, as well as for the production of lubricants.

Preservation Oils

These oils are intended to protect from corrosion and preserve external and internal surfaces of equipment, spare parts, mechanisms, and tools.

Lubricants and Coolants

Used to reduce temperature, machining force, and wear of cutting tools, stamping, and rolling equipment in metal machining and pressure.

Plastic Greases

Greases are designed to reduce wear, prevent scuffing and seizure of friction surfaces, increase the service life of machine parts, prevent corrosion, seal joints, and other functions.

That’s It!

If you are wondering Why Do I Need Motor Oil, each oil is formulated for optimal results, and as a consequence, adding additives can lead to disastrous consequences. Simply choose one of the best brands, use it only all the time, and when you start the engine, warm it up for 15 seconds before driving, so you will not doubt that the oil has warmed up a little and hit the most important parts of the engine, and only then press the gas pedal. Every manufacturer at this point says that it is not necessary to warm up the engine before driving, although the implication is that it is not necessary to wait for the engine to warm up to normal temperature. If you ask What Kind of Oil Does My Chevy 350 Need, then I hope I answered your question. Have a nice day.

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