Truck Сustomizers Accessories 7 Signs That You Should Replace Your Windshield Wipers

7 Signs That You Should Replace Your Windshield Wipers

7 Signs That You Should Replace Your Windshield Wipers

“Wipers” for the car – also an expandable material! It would seem that what could be easier than to buy wipers? Came to the nearest supermarket or gas station, chose a brush “nice-looking”, paid at the cashier and that’s all. But in most cases to pick them is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Today I will tell you when you need to change the Best Windshield Wipers for Toyota Corolla!

Firstly, the size of the wipers “by eye” is almost impossible to determine (many drivers and so choose wipers), and secondly, the brushes can have very different mounts. And the fact that in a box labeled Germany may be Chinese wipers and nothing to say.


A wiper blade, or in common parlance a “wiper” – one of the most that are expendable, such as oil and air filters, subject to replacement once or twice a year (replacement time depends on their quality and intensity of vehicle operation). If, say, rubber tires of a thrifty owner may serve up to 6-7 years, the “wiper” rubber, sometimes, does not hold out even for two or three months. But safety should be in the first place: when “wipers” clean the window with the fifth or sixth “stroke”, forcing the driver to move dozens of meters “blindly”.

What Are the Wipers For?

“Wipers” are extremely liquid goods, that is why its production is now engaged in a lot of people. A creative idea of designers brushes boundless as the ocean. How not get lost in this abundance? Let’s find out …

The main detail of the “wiper” – a rubber strip that actually cleans the glass. It takes all burdens of exploitation, so it all depends on the quality of the material from which this strip is molded. It is necessary that the rubber band does not “blow” in the cold, does not dry in the sun, and can withstand the urban “chemistry”. Unfortunately, the producers of “antifreeze” for windshield washing in order not to make their products more expensive do not always take into consideration the chemical activity of their fluids to the rubber.

About abrasive wear of wipers, nothing to say – all the dust, dirt, and sand from the road is directed by a stream of air exactly on them. Some drivers even neglect the cleaning of windshields from ice in winter, scraping the wipers by sharp relief of ice.

7 Signs That You Should Replace Your Windshield Wipers

All existing wiper blades by design can be divided into three main types: frame, frameless, and hybrid. Here are the main types of windshield wipers:

Frame Wiper Blades

Emerging as one of the first wiper blades, frame wiper blades deserve the status of the most popular. Classic design: wiper belt is mounted on a metal frame with several joints, which provide pressure on the glass.

Frameless Wiper Blades

Frameless wiper blades’ design is very simple: a metal plate located inside the rubber housing and the sides of plastic stubs.

Hybrid Wiper Blades

A special feature of hybrid wiper blades is that they combine the advantages of both frame and frameless construction – high reliability is combined with good aerodynamics and modern design. These brushes also have their positive and negative sides.

It is possible to allocate the following types of malfunctions:

  • the interrupter relay is ruined: in this case, the brushes can walk, but the driver will not be able to control the modes of the wipers;
  • washer motor burned out;
  • washer nozzles are clogged;
  • the main electric motor is out of order;
  • the integrity of the wiper lever is broken;
  • washer tank or supply lines are punctured;
  • The wiper control unit has burned out.

That’s It!

On modern cars, in most cases, there are two wipers. They can be used the same or different sizes: you either need to look for a very rare set, or to assemble it yourself from two brushes. Today I will tell you how to understand that you need to change the wipers and I hope this article was useful for you!

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