Truck Сustomizers Accessories Off-Road Armor: Best Ways to Protect Your 4×4 Pickup, SUV, or Jeep

Off-Road Armor: Best Ways to Protect Your 4×4 Pickup, SUV, or Jeep

Currently, the market offers a wide range of SUVs and crossovers, which are positioned as vehicles for all types of trails. However, four-wheel drive cars do not always perform well on real off-road terrain. And it is not surprising, because it is quite difficult to predict what awaits you there, where the asphalt ends. But it is possible to prepare the car accordingly, to do it correctly, it is necessary to take into account a number of aspects, which I will talk about right now.

Stage #1 Lifting TC

Clearance plays an important role in any off-road as well as bumpers. The more ground clearance, the better the car will be able to prove itself on a bad road. Especially it is felt on rocky terrain, because the more ground clearance, the better the angles of the overhang of the vehicle, which gives a number of indisputable advantages when driving in the mountains.

Stage #1 Lifting TC

Stage #2 Suspension and Bushings

First of all, of course, depending on the difficulty of off-roading, it is better to change the regular springs on reinforced, which will make the car more robust, and it can easily withstand more serious loads and bumps while driving. Moreover, I do advise you to replace or buy new Best Side Steps for Ram 1500 or Best Side Steps for Chevy Silverado.

Stage #3 Engine Protection

Even a high lifted vehicle body will not be able to provide 100% protection from damage from below. Therefore, you should pay attention to this point, regardless of the clearance is a very high chance of contact with the ground – install the engine crankcase protection.

What Is the Danger of Off-Roading?

How Off-Roading Can Damage Your 4×4 Vehicle? Because you don’t know what to expect on such roads. The greatest trouble that may befall a motorist on an uphill road is when the car cannot continue moving forward. Then there are two ways: to fix the car firmly in place for further progress in another way, and the second way is to drive carefully backward. Both options, despite their apparent simplicity, are very dangerous. All movements need to be done in a balanced and careful manner.

The next difficulty is that an SUV is a car big and heavy, it rolls harder, has a high center of gravity. Especially if the car is lifted with LED lights. To overturn it is much easier. Another danger lies in the rough and uneven pavement: the car may slide, and may “somersault” from a stone that got under the wheels. Please, do not forget to check your Skid plates and differentials.

When going downhill, there are just as many difficulties. When you reverse down a steep slope, the driving wheels are unloaded. And the heavy “front” of the car with the engine and gearbox will try to “overtake” the rear. Incorrect movement – and you are exposed sideways across the slope, after which overturning is practically inevitable. When backing down a slope, any driver tries to break the car with the brakes. Everything is right. The only important thing is how to do it. Never go down with the clutch pressed or in neutral. Also, you cannot constantly hold the brake and thus block the wheels – the car becomes uncontrollable.

What Is the Danger of Off-Roading

That’s It!

The overturn on the roof is extremely dangerous. In fact, the chassis of such cars is much heavier than that of cars, and the design of “cross-country vehicles” is much improved for the last years, but many fans of off-roading prefer “classical” cars from the 70-s. By the way, it is very desirable to disembark all passengers before storming serious ascents. It is both for their own safety, and in order not to spoil their weight distribution. All cargoes must be necessarily fastened, and the driver must buckle up. And the main thing – if you are not experienced enough do not try to assault a serious lack of roads by yourself – find an experienced coach.

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