Truck Сustomizers Bed Mats Liners The Difference Between Truck Bed Mats vs. Truck Bed Liners

The Difference Between Truck Bed Mats vs. Truck Bed Liners

What to Consider When Choosing Mats for The Car?

Car interior protection should meet simple requirements:

  • Keep water from leaking
  • The mats do not interfere with the driver and passengers
  • Clean and wash easily, dry quickly
  • Maintain a presentable appearance

All car mats fulfil these conditions. The nuances depend on the condition of the roads to be driven on, and the number of passengers who will put their shoes on the mats. The initial choice turns out to be not the best choice.


Car mats are designed to protect the trunk from dirt and dust, which inevitably gets inside during operation. Their use allows to avoid different problems during the exploitation, connected with the cleaning of the car interior. The use of three-dimensional technology in the design and production of carpets ensures their perfect fit in the trunk of the car. The internal topography is specially designed to reduce surface slippage and is deep enough to prevent the free movement of liquids and dirt on the surface of the mats.



Polyurethane trunk mats are the result of a synthesis of modern technology, extensive accumulated experience and robust manufacturing technology. There are also pros and cons of using truck bed mats. Each mat is designed for a specific modification of a specific car, has all necessary fasteners and holes, fully compatible with the usual fixtures for easy and correct placement on the floor of the trunk. The carpets are made of modern, environmentally friendly, and, most importantly, durable material (polyurethane/EPDM), far superior to rubber in their properties: polyurethane is much stronger, resistant to mechanical and chemical damage, as well as temperature changes. Moreover, the carpets are odorless and retain a pleasant appearance for a long time.

All carpets have a high three-cm rim that effectively protects the trunk from dirt, mud, sand, and moisture. The carpets are easy to wash, they dry quickly and retain their plasticity in all conditions. The original anti-slip pattern on the mats prevents cargo from sliding in the luggage compartment.


  • perfectly repeat the geometry of the car floor. High sides provide reliable the floor of the vehicle and interior parts from dirt and moisture
  • 3D tongue fully covers the driver’s footwell, including the side surface
  • thanks to the elasticity of the material, the carpets are easy to remove from the vehicle
  • preventing moisture and small debris from getting onto the interior flooring


  • the original fasteners securely fix the driver’s carpet in the car interior and prevents the rug from getting under the pedals
  • the carpets are made of environmentally friendly materials, which have no negative impact on human health



  • The carpets have an original three-dimensional pattern, which emphasizes the individuality of the product and is an extension of the car design
  • The carpets are available in three colors: black, gray, and beige.


While both provide protection for the underside of your truck, there are some notable differences between liners and mats. The main quality of mats is their versatility. Because they’re easy to remove from the truck, you can use them in the workshop, garage, or even on the boat. Ultimately, mats are an affordable and non-permanent way to make your truck bed a little bigger.

On the other hand, liners increase protection. Although they require a little more finesse to install, as well as a longer application, liners have the added benefit of covering the walls, wheel wells, and the back door of the truck. The liners have a thick, ribbed construction that can withstand heavy wear and weather. They have a thick, ribbed construction that can withstand heavy wear and weather.

Difference -Spray-On-Bedliners

Mat Care

Car mats are practical and durable, but they need minimum care. Here I will talk about what to use for truck bed mats. More precisely, compliance with simple rules of use:

  • Rubber mats are sensitive to ultraviolet light. On the floor in the cabin of the car, it does not create a problem – the sun’s rays do not almost get there, and the car windows are UV-protected. But if you washed the mats and want to dry them in the bright sun – give up the idea. UV light causes the rubber to dry out and crack, so after washing, just wipe the mats dry with a rag and put them back in the cabin.
  • Most mats are ruined by acetone and glycol-based brake fluid. It’s unlikely that you’re regularly pouring them into the interior of your car, but still.
  • All mats should be periodically shaken out and washed with water. Sand and small stones, accumulated under feet, work as an abrasive: rubbing them regularly with a shoe, you may quickly wipe a mat to holes.
  • The main enemies of mats are sharp heels and stilettos, piercing them like an awl. But it’s better not to drive in stilettos and high heels, it’s a question of your safety, not the durability of the mat. When you get in the car, wear shoes that are suitable for working with pedals: this will help both the mat and you.

Thus, that’s all the tricks. Give your car mats a little attention, and they will last you a long time without giving you any trouble.

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