The Pros and Cons of Running Boards for Your Truck or SUV

The Pros and Cons of Running Boards for Your Truck or SUV

One of the answers to the question, “How to make tuning with your own hands?” – can become the installation of running boards. Power, protective, auxiliary – they are very functional and will bring your SUV double or even triple benefit. Today I will tell you in detail about the pros and cons of such thresholds on the SUV and what are running boards for.

Do You Really Need to Mount Them?

How to use running boards? Running boards are really not difficult to install on your own. Especially if you have a garage with an inspection pit. They do not require drilling the body, they are attached to the regular places with special screws. This ensures their reliability because the thresholds must be able to withstand quite a large weight of the car’s passengers (sometimes over 100 kg). Initially, the thresholds were developed for convenient boarding in a high car. Their creators got their idea from large-size trucks, but a little later sill became more widespread. Their most basic task gradually became the protection of the car. They protect:

  • crossover bottom when driving diagonally to the curb (important when avoiding traffic on the sidewalk
  • A side of the car at careless turns or unexpectedly arising heights, collision on bent objects;
  • The side of the SUV in an accident with minor side collisions or from the impact of the doors of neighboring cars in the parking lot.

Power running boards or arcs, running boards-platforms, side steps, steps – all these are the names of one of the accessories for tuning SUV, power protective body, mounted on the original thresholds of the car. Most of the owners of crossovers, SUVs, and pickup trucks, which are not equipped with power running boards, install this accessory.

The Pros and Cons of Running Boards for Your Truck or SUV

As an example, a powerful off-road Mitsubishi L200 mostly operated in a mixed-mode – city/highway/dirt / off-road. In the basic set of such a brutal pickup, as if intended to conquer the off-road, there are no standard power protective dodgers, in a simple way – running boards. Given the size of the vehicle – a significant disadvantage, which affects both the ease of landing and the performance of the pickup, reducing the level of protection of the body.

It is possible to correct the situation by ordering the strong running boards of the truck which are made from durable steel, adapted to the design of the car, and can easily withstand the realities of the Russian off-road, providing full-fledged protection of the body.

Advantages of Installing Power Running boards

Owners of pickup trucks install non-standard running boards-steps for different reasons, but in any case, get a number of additional benefits.

The Pros and Cons of Running Boards for Your Truck or SUV

Additional metal running boards-platforms:

  • Provide comfortable boarding in the vehicle for both driver and passengers, especially the elderly. The convenience of a wide platform allows you to easily install the rails for the trunk, serves a good service in winter when you can easily clear the snow from the roof of the car or set a jack to pull the car out of the mud, snow slush or deep drifts.
  • Safe in use – special notches on the footrest prevent your shoes from slipping, guaranteeing safe entry into the car.
  • Protect the body from damage in case of a collision with obstacles and high curbs.
  • Provide protection from chipping and scratches on stony and sandy terrain.
  • Withstands minor side impacts in accidents, which are quite typical in crowded city streets, protecting doors, pillars, and regular running boards from damage.
  • Resistant to the aggressive effects of salt, chemicals, and corrosion, ensuring an attractive appearance throughout the entire service life.
  • Adapted to the brand and model of car, so they fit perfectly, without causing installation difficulties.
  • Proper installation and model selection do not create any extraneous noise and improve the aerodynamic properties of the car.

That’s It!

If your car is used not only for comfortable rides in the city, but also for hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities – installing a force protective dodger on the Best Running Boards for F150 are justified, and in addition to functionality and full protection of the body ensures more and more comfort on every trip.

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