Truck Сustomizers Suspension What You Need to Remember When Shopping for Silverado Leveling Kits

What You Need to Remember When Shopping for Silverado Leveling Kits

What You Need to Remember When Shopping for Silverado Leveling Kits

Car owners often prefer their vehicles to have as little ground clearance as possible. In other words – ground clearance. In this case, the car looks more attractive and elegant. However, such an approach is not quite justified. Those who prefer to make a choice, proceeding from common sense, think differently. It is clear to an experienced driver that if the car is elevated to the required height, it is more practical. Such a vehicle will be able to overcome the way of any complexity, regardless of off-road and weather conditions. Recently, leveling kits to increase ground clearance are increasingly popular. And today we will talk about what you need to remember when shopping for the best leveling kits for Silverado.

How to Calculate the Height of Ground Clearance for Your Car?

  • There are certain indicators, from which you should start:
  • For passenger cars the ground clearance should be at least 140 mm;
  • For “parkettes” the optimal ground clearance – 180 mm;
  • Off-road vehicles have a higher bar. It is not less than 200 mm.

So, based on this, it is important to understand that the optimal height of increase in clearance for cars is 20-30 mm, for crossovers and SUVs – 30-50 mm.

What You Need to Remember When Shopping for Silverado Leveling KitsIf the clearance of your vehicle does not correspond to the required value, then this is a reason to think. Such driving is not safe. But fortunately, there is an opportunity to change the situation for the better. To do this you need to purchase leveling kits to increase the clearance. The use of such elements will help to achieve the desired clearance. This option of re-equipment is simple and easy to perform. It is suitable for almost every driver who cares about the quality of car management. Mount such leveling kits in the area of fixing shock absorbers to the body.

What Are the Positive Aspects of the Application of Leveling Kits:

  • This is one of the most inexpensive ways to increase ground clearance. Thus, you get rid of the need to move to other discs of increased diameter, change or remake the bumper, etc.

  • It takes about 2 hours, no more, to install leveling kits for ground clearance.

  • Buying this part makes traveling on country roads easy and safe.

  • With leveling kits, you cannot worry about the safety of the bumper, which is often damaged when parking.

  • If you need wheels with a larger diameter, it will be much easier to put them than with low clearance.

You can install leveling kits yourself. However, it is preferable to contact a quality car service, which has proven itself on the good side.

Installation of Leveling Kits to Increase Clearance

  • Prepare the car body for the installation of leveling kits, free up the installation area as much as possible.

  • Dismantle the wheel. Jack up the car.

  • Remove ABS sensor connectors to avoid damage.

  • Install the spring compressor. spring compressor

  • Use the compression tool to compress the springs.

  • Install the insert.

Thus, there is an opinion that the rear leveling kits are bigger in shape and size, but this is not true. It is difficult to visually estimate which leveling kit is suitable for this or that part of the car, that is why we recommend buying these parts only after consulting a specialist. And I also hope that this article was useful for you!

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