Truck Сustomizers Suspension How to Replace Front and Rear Shocks on F150

How to Replace Front and Rear Shocks on F150

How to Replace Front and Rear Shocks on F150

A comfortable driving experience is ensured by the proper and correct operation of the shock absorbers. It also ensures safe driving on the roads. Faulty suspension seriously affects the wear and tear of its system elements and steering. Such repair requires immediate execution and replacement of damaged parts with new ones. What you need to know, how to check shocks and how to know if your shocks are bad or how to replace shock absorbers with their own hands, you will read in this article.

Tool Kit for Replacing Shock Absorbers

  • A set of wrenches.
  • Cylinder spanner.
  • A jack.
  • A set of screwdrivers.
  • Device for dismounting of suspension springs.
  • Wheel chocks (to prevent the vehicle from jacking off).

How to Replace Front and Rear Shocks on F150

Replacing Front Shock Absorbers

How to change shocks on a truck? This procedure requires care and precision. For a knowledgeable driver, replacement will not be difficult. From the tool nothing special and professional is needed – a set of good wrenches, levers.

  • Open the hood, remove the protective cap and undermine the rod nut.
  • Unscrew and knock out the two bolts securing the strut to the cam.
  • Pull the knuckle away from the strut.
  • Unscrew the three nuts that hold the upper strut to the body and remove the strut.
  • Pump and install a new shock absorber, lower spring gasket, bumper, and dust cap in the strut.
  • Clean the upper strut, coat it with grease, and reinstall the strut in reverse order.

Replacing the best shocks for towing f150 absorbers is a similar procedure and can be done with your own hands and without any helpers. The last question is what to buy new shock absorbers? Firstly, they are replaced only in pairs, and it will not be possible to save money by buying only one part.

As for the construction, shock absorbers differ depending on the working body and can be hydraulic (oil), pneumatic, and combined (oil plus gas). This topic is the subject of a separate article on our website. In short, hydraulics provides the most comfortable ride for those who are not inclined to extreme driving and prefer to drive on smooth roads. For those who like to squeeze everything possible out of their vehicle, gas or hydropneumatic shock absorbers are more suitable. They will not provide much comfort, but you are guaranteed a good drive one hundred percent.

The procedure of Works on Replacement of Rear Shocks

How to replace rear shocks? To replace the rear struts on the car, you need to:

  • jack up the right side of the car and remove the wheel;
  • Release the brake hoses from the bracket on the rack;
  • gently bend the cotter pin of the steering tip pin and pull it out;
  • turn the support and unscrew the bolts to the side of the steering knuckle to fix the rack;
  • unscrew under the hood the nuts fixing the rack to the body;
  • Remove the strut from the wheel well;
  • install from the top and bottom of the spring by the second coils of spring ties;
  • remove spring stoppers and spring cup, spring and compression buffer with a duster;
  • inspect the removed strut;
  • pump the strut, assemble the new shock absorber, put on the washer and bearing;
  • remove spring ties and orient the strut;
  • install the strut in its place;
  • screw the support bolts, put the rack on the steering knuckle;
  • to insert the pull rod on the stand the pin of the steering knuckle and fix it;
  • insert cotter pin and tuck brake hoses into the bracket;
  • install the wheel.

After the technical operation, it is obligatory to know how to install shock back and adjust the camber.

That’s It!

There is no doubt that sooner or later you will have to buy new shock absorbers. Unless you are used to changing your steel horse every two or three years. In all other cases replacement of shock absorber struts is inevitable. So I hope this article was useful for you and you know how to change shocks!

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