Truck Сustomizers Grille Guards How to Choose Grille Guards for Dodge Ram 1500

How to Choose Grille Guards for Dodge Ram 1500

If you are interested in what are grille guards used for, the radiator grille is one of those elements of the vehicle, which many motorists consider a purely decorative element. This is partly true: beautiful chrome grilles are installed on the car at least in order to bring something new to the exterior. But first of all, the grille is necessary for the protection of rather a fragile radiator from a number of external influences. For example, it seriously increases the protection of the radiator from mechanical influences. What is also important, the best grille guards for Dodge Ram 1500 can optimize the radiator airflow, thereby protecting it from overcooling. Today, I’ll explain what radiator grilles come in, as well as how to choose one.

How to Choose A Radiator Grill

There is no difficulty in finding a new grille. If you are selecting this element for a new car, you will be faced with a choice: take an ordinary grille or a sports one. It all depends on taste preferences. Both parts perfectly cope with their main tasks. You can search by:

  • VIN-code. The search by the number of the vehicle gives very reliable results. The probability to buy the wrong part is reduced to zero. Search for analogs by VIN does not always give a good result;
  • For a given car. Here everything is simple: you must specify the make, model, and year of manufacture. It is very convenient to search in electronic catalogs. In the most advanced catalogs the system automatically “pulls” to the list of sold originals and analogs;
  • Code. As a rule, the motorist does not know the code of the radiator grille. It is difficult to find it, but the same electronic catalogs will help. Note: today the search for the right code is actually the search of the car data in the same electronic catalog. The code is worth writing down – it can come in handy in the future. And as you move through the catalog, the motorist will find what he needs to buy.

Grille Guards Types

Grille Guards Types

If you are wondering what grille guards are good for a truck, then Series X-Metal is the most aggressive – chromed tips in the form of bolts on the laser-cut trim (frame), as well as the X-Metal logo is mounted into the ready grille. You can choose between polished stainless steel and black powder-coated grille styles, and don’t forget to pick up the matching bumper grille.

The Torch Grille series is an absolute statement for the uniqueness of your car. The same aggressive character, the same chrome bolt-on lugs all around the perimeter of the frame. This series has built-in Z-Roadz LED lighting, from one to four LEDs, depending on the options you choose. All grilles are black powder coated and of course made in the USA. You can also pick up the grille in the bumper and matching brackets for the LEDs. All necessary wiring is sold separately. For more insight into why a grille guard might be a solid choice for your truck, also read about  top reasons to get a grille guard for your truck.

That’s It!

Choose a grille for your car is very easy. Moreover, the motorist always has a choice. For example, he can take a budget grille and continue driving, often without thinking about whether the radiator is intact. Or he can take an expensive chrome part, which will definitely attract the eyes of pedestrians and other drivers. In the broadest sense, a grille today is a decorative element.

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