Truck Сustomizers Equipment Fixing Your Vehicle’s Driver Side Air Conditioning Not Cold

Fixing Your Vehicle’s Driver Side Air Conditioning Not Cold

When your vehicle’s air conditioning isn’t cooling as it should, you may be left feeling frustrated and uncomfortable in the heat. One of the most common issues is that the driver side air conditioning isn’t getting cold. The good news is that this issue can usually be fixed relatively easily by following the troubleshooting steps outlined below.

Reasons for Driver Side AC Not Getting Cold

There are a few potential causes of driver side air conditioning not getting cold:

Refrigerant Leakage

If there’s a refrigerant leak, then the amount of coolant in the system will be insufficient, resulting in reduced cooling ability. The leak may happen due to a damaged hose or due to old age and wear-and-tear on your vehicle’s components over time.

Faulty AC Compressor or Fan Blower Motor

The compressor and fan blower motor are essential components for proper air conditioning performance – if either of these parts aren’t functioning correctly then you won’t get any cold airflow from the vents on the driver side of your vehicle. It could be that one or both of these parts have gone bad from normal wear-and-tear on your vehicle.

Clogged Expansion Valve

The expansion valve regulates the flow of refrigerant from the evaporator to the compressor in order to maintain a steady temperature in your vehicle’s interior. If this valve is clogged or blocked, then it can prevent proper airflow and result in reduced cooling ability on the driver side air conditioning.

Fixing Your Vehicle's Driver Side Air Conditioning Not Cold

How to Fix Driver Side AC Not Getting Cold

If you’re having trouble with your driver side air conditioning not getting cold, then these step-by-step instructions will help you diagnose and fix the issue:

Checking for Refrigerant Leaks

One of the most common causes of driver side AC not getting cold is a refrigerant leak – so it’s important to check for any signs of a leak before proceeding with other steps to fix your air conditioning system. Check hoses and seals for any signs of damage or leakage and look out for any puddles under your vehicle that could be leaking out coolant from one of its components. If you find that there is a leak, then have it repaired as soon as possible by an experienced technician before adding more coolant into the system.

Replacing the AC Compressor or Fan Blower Motor

If there are no signs of a refrigerant leak, then it could be that either the AC compressor or fan blower motor is faulty and need to be replaced. If you’re confident in doing so, then you can replace them both yourself – but it’s important to make sure that all other components are checked and functioning properly first before replacing either part.

Cleaning the Expansion Valve

A clogged expansion valve can also cause your driver side air conditioning not to get cold. You’ll need to check and clean the valve, as well as its hoses, in order to ensure that they are not blocked and allowing refrigerant flow through them as intended.


Troubleshooting driver side air conditioning not getting cold can seem daunting at first – however, by following the steps above you should be able to diagnose and fix the issue relatively easily. By checking for refrigerant leaks and replacing any faulty parts or cleaning out clogged valves, you should soon have your air conditioning system running smoothly again!

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