Truck Сustomizers Engine How to Remove Transmission Lines from Radiator Ford

How to Remove Transmission Lines from Radiator Ford

How to Remove Transmission Lines from Radiator Ford

There can be several radiators in the car – automatic transmission, charge air cooler, air conditioner condenser, and, finally, the engine cooling radiator, which is installed last. That is it is blown with an oncoming stream worse than all others. Because of this, they arrange a “washer-dryer”.

How often to flush radiator? However, it is necessary to clean radiators, otherwise, there will be no trouble. The first thing to consider is the water pressure. If the jet is very strong, it will bend the honeycomb of several radiators at once. And it will make their blowing even more difficult. As a result, they will not cool better. On the contrary, the heat exchange will become worse, and you will not be far from overheating. And in the worst case, say, if the radiator is old, the jet will just blow through it. And then the expensive spare part will have to be replaced or a sealant will have to be filled in a cooling system. By the way, if the leak is big, the sealant will not help.

How to Remove Transmission Lines from Radiator FordOne more nuance. If the car has no air conditioner, its cooling radiator, as a rule, can be washed without removing it from the car. This is convenient, but you need to consider that the wash will get dirt on engine parts like the drive belt, alternator, high-voltage wires, and spark plugs. The electric motor of a cooling fan can be easily flooded with water too. Therefore, do not aim a garden hose directly at it. But today we’re going to talk about how to remove transmission lines from radiator Ford.


Let’s talk about how to remove transmission cooler lines from radiator ford!
– Drain the coolant
– Remove the front bumper.
– Disconnect the cooling system hoses from the radiator.

Cars with Automatic Transmission

– Remove the ATF lines from the radiator

Continued for All Vehicles

– Unscrew the power booster oil cooling coil -arrows- and set aside using the ford transmission line disconnect tool. Do not open the hydraulic circuit.
– Unscrew the top mounting pins of the radiator and remove them by lifting them up.

Cars with Air Conditioning System

– Follow the additional installation instructions and procedure

How to Remove Transmission Lines from Radiator Ford

To unscrew the radiator, it is necessary to take off a tube of cooling of automatic transmission oil, unscrew screws and carefully take out from a radiator, they go out hard, be in advance provided with rubber rings for them! Further having unscrewed move aside a tube of cooling of power steering, pull off branch pipes of the basic radiator, take out pins, pull it off and lift up, it in hands! That is all you need to know on how to remove transmission cooler lines ford.

That’s It!

The main element in the engine cooling system is the radiator. It is installed in the front part of the engine compartment and takes the airflow to cool the working fluid. The coolant in this system is antifreeze. This fluid circulates through a circuit of pipes and ducts inside the engine. The pump is responsible for pumping the fluid through the system, which creates an acceptable pressure and prevents the fluid from stagnating. And today we figured out how to remove the transmission lines from your Ford so I hope you found this article helpful.

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