Truck Сustomizers Air Intake Kits How to Install Cold Air Intake on your Ford Focus

How to Install Cold Air Intake on your Ford Focus

How to Install Cold Air Intake on Your Ford Focus

Today we will take a look at the do-it-yourself installation. If you have Ford Focus and want to install the Best Cold Air Intake for Ford Focus, then read this useful article till the end! What is a cold air intake used for? For greater efficiency of the motor and better cooling air intakes really serve as a good solution. It is not difficult to buy it, and the price for modern cars is adequate. Some people prefer to make a design with their own hands. But for me, it is better to buy a universal ready-made element or find a variant exactly for your model. It is even more preferable.

The Installation Procedure Is Approximate as Follows:

  • Determine the place where the air intake will be mounted;
  • Draw lines according to the size of the element for air intake;
  • It will be optimal to first remove the hood from the car, remove the insulation from the inside. I do not advise to cut directly on the car;
  • According to the markings, cut the necessary cut with a grinder. Be careful, cut very smoothly;
  • Treat the edges with an emery cloth to remove burrs. Apply an anti-corrosion compound and a coat of paint. This will prevent rusting;
  • Now attach the air intake, aligning it around all the edges;
  • Mounting can be done with glue, double-sided tape, bolts, and other fastener options. Choose the more reliable one;
  • The method of attachment depends largely on the design of the air intake itself;
  • Install the element, put everything back in its place;
  • Take a few photos and brag to your friends.

Will you have a metal or plastic air intake, decide for yourself. Plastic ones are cheaper and easier to use. Metal ones are heavier but more reliable and durable. Some even use dense foam plastic. But that is not our option anymore. Let’s do it on conscience. By the way, if you want to know how much does a cold air intake cost, then it is not so expensive!

Install the Air Intake Should Follow the General Rules

  • When installing a special sealant will be needed. It is advisable to initially buy the accessory to match the color of the car or repaint it after purchase.

  • The hole must be sawed in the hood itself. This can be compared to installing a hatch on the roof of the car. Usually, a grinder is used for this purpose. It is necessary not to forget to treat the edges so that in the future they do not form rust.

  • Usually, with rough work, the installed part begins to stand out strongly as a separately installed part, to avoid such a nuisance should be first leveled by treating all fasteners with resin and fiberglass. Then you need to start a neat putty job along with the alignment.

How to Install Cold Air Intake on Your Ford Focus Most of these tuners are made of plastic. The model market is rich – you can choose anything you want.

They are made from the same metal as the hood of the car. In such cases, the hood is cut through holes in the shape of the letter U, metal is bent at certain angles to form an air intake profile. Along the edges, pieces are welded to cover the ends. The surfaces are then painted. The elements are made so as not to cut the stiffening ribs in the hood. Otherwise, the latter will have a hard time. Before installation, it is dismantled. The alternative to plastic is fiberglass plastic. It is durable and looks nice. In most cases, air intakes are fixed with silicone sealants. But there are also options with self-tapping screws. In these cases, the part is attached from the inside. The method depends on the shape of the part. In kits, they often add all the necessary elements for installation. How much hp will a cold air intake add? Practice and research show that such a small tuning as installing a filter allows you to get a 3-5% increase in power. If it’s a low-powered car, you definitely won’t feel a few horsepower gains.

That’s It!

Thus, more advanced elements are completed with intercoolers. They allow you to direct the air to the right place and make it much cooler. So, I hope this article was useful to you and now you know how to install cold air intake! Have a good trip!

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