Truck Сustomizers Accessories Why are Car Light Bulbs Blowing Out?

Why are Car Light Bulbs Blowing Out?

Why are Car Light Bulbs Blowing Out?

One of the most common and frustrating problems car owners face is the blowing out of their car’s light bulbs. It can be dangerous to drive with a headlight not functioning properly and can lead to accidents or a ticket from law enforcement. Understanding why your car’s light bulbs are blowing out, as well as how to replace them, is essential knowledge for any car owner.

Understanding why your car light bulbs are blowing out

Incorrect Sizing or Wattage

One of the most common causes of light bulb blowouts are incorrect sizing or wattage when buying replacements. If you buy a bulb that is too powerful for what your vehicle manufacturer recommends, it will draw more power than was intended and cause the bulb to blowout sooner than normal.

Faulty Wiring

Wiring that is damaged due to age, corrosion, or worn insulation can lead to shorts in the electrical system which can cause lights to blowout prematurely. Electrical problems should be diagnosed by an automotive repair shop if you suspect faulty wiring in your vehicle’s lighting system.

Corroded Connections

Corrosion on connections between wires and terminals on head light assemblies can cause lights to blow out. Dirt and moisture can cause corrosion which can lead to loose connections between the two. It’s important to check and clean these connections regularly to ensure they’re making contact.

Why are Car Light Bulbs Blowing Out?

Replacing Car Headlights and Bulbs

Preparing to Replace the Bulb

Before replacing a headlight or other light bulb, make sure you are using the right size and wattage as specified by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Here you can choose headlights for your Ford F150. You will also want to make sure the area around the bulb is clean, free of dirt and debris, before beginning any replacement work.

Replacing the Bulb

Replacing a car headlight or other light bulb is a relatively easy job that can be done in about 10-15 minutes with some basic hand tools. First, disconnect any wires attached to the bulb assembly, then unscrew it from its housing in order for access to replace it with a new one of your desired wattage. Finally, replace the assembly in its housing by reversing the steps you took when removing it, then reconnect any wires that may have been disconnected during installation for optimal lighting performance

Prevention Tips for Blown Out Light Bulbs

Use Appropriate Size & Wattage

Using the correct size and wattage of bulbs for your vehicle as recommended by the manufacturer will help ensure that your lights are functioning optimally and prevent premature blowouts.

Check Wiring & Connections Regularly

Regular inspection and cleaning of wiring and connections on headlight assemblies will help to ensure they are making contact which can prevent the lights from blowing prematurely.

Install Protective Lenses

Installing protective lenses over headlights, in addition to regular cleaning, can help keep dirt, moisture, and debris from causing corrosion or shorting out electrical connections which can lead to blowouts.


The cause of blown out car light bulbs is often due to incorrect sizing or wattage when replacing them, faulty wiring or corroded connections in the headlight assembly. Knowing how to replace them properly as well as preventive measures like using appropriate size/wattage bulbs and installing protective lenses can save you from a lot of trouble in the long run!

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