Truck Сustomizers Accessories How to Wire LED Light Bar for Ford F150

How to Wire LED Light Bar for Ford F150

How to Wire LED Light Bar for Ford F150

Of course, LED light bars are very important for trucks and that’s why today I’m going to tell you how to properly install the Best Light Bar for Ford F150. Let’s go!

Installation of Auxiliary Light Bars Must Meet the Following Requirements:

  • Illuminance index – the total illuminance of all devices in the car must not exceed the value of 100.

  • A total number of bars – depending on the type of 12V or 24V vehicle there is a maximum number of bars that can be installed on the vehicle at the same time. The auxiliary bars must be installed in pairs.

  • Location requirements – there are certain location requirements in the vehicle for the parking and taillight.

Legal Installation of Auxiliary Light According to The Illuminance Index

If you are wondering how to install light bar on truck, then according to the ECE standard the bars installed in a vehicle must not exceed the maximum value of the illuminance index 100, which is calculated from the sum of the standard headlamps of the vehicle and the additional bars to be switched on. Each approved light fitting has this index on its housing and all you have to do is calculate the sum of all the index values for each light fitting and make sure that the sum does not exceed 100. There are also restrictions on the number of auxiliary bars that can be connected. For example for 12-volt cars, you can only connect two auxiliary high beam headlamps to the main two high beam headlamps, and for 24-volt commercial vehicles, you can connect no more than four auxiliary high beam headlamps to the two main headlamps.

Installation of Auxiliary Low and High Beam Light Bars on Trucks

  • How to Wire LED Light Bar for Ford F150Bars must be installed in pairs.
  • The vehicle must have a maximum of 6 high beam sources (including the main headlamps of the vehicle), which must work in sync with each other

  • Each main-beam headlamp has a luminance index on the housing which is a rounded value of the luminous intensity (for driving beam).

  • The sum of the illuminance index on the high beam headlight housing must not exceed the sum of 100 on each vehicle (main car bars + additional high beam bars)

  • There are no special installation rules for width and height.

What Are LED Car Light Bars?

Such lamps for trucks are different from our usual incandescent lamps. The fact that in LED lamps the source of light is not an incandescent filament, and the LED. The lamp may consist of one or many LEDs mounted on a housing. The body is made of plastic or metal and serves as the base for installation and connection lamps in standard locations of the car.  LEDs are new light sources, which contain one or more crystals. These very crystals and emit light when passing through an electric current. LEDs have a very bright glow, with very little power consumption. The service life of LEDs – much higher than the service life of the incandescent filament. In addition, LED lamps are not sensitive to changes in the power grid.  They have a small size, high strength, shock, and vibration resistance. Also, the lamps are practically not heated during operation.

How to Install Light Bars

If you want to know how to wire a light bar, be sure to disconnect the battery before working on the vehicle’s electrical systems. Place the wiring harness in the engine compartment and roughly determine where you want the wires to go. Attach the light bar with double-sided tape.

Thus, once the holes are drilled, all that’s left to do is insert the bolts and make sure everything is properly connected. Take the negative and positive wires and connect them, then run it through the firewall and connect it to the switch. Take the positive wire and connect it to the battery. Meanwhile, find a ground connection for the negative wire. If you need to know how to mount a light bar without drilling, check your work. Reconnect the battery, and then check the operation of the light bar.

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