Truck Сustomizers Accessories How to Install Light Bar on Ford

How to Install Light Bar on Ford

How to Install Light Bar on Ford

Today I will tell you about the models of LED headlights, designed for mounting on the roof, as well as the peculiarities of their connection and how to wire LED light bar for Ford. In harsh operating conditions the regular light of cars is simply not enough, and hardly anyone will argue with that. Radically improving the headlight on SUVs, trucks, ATVs and other special equipment will help additional lights on the roof.

LED bar – the same LED bar is designed for installation on any moving vehicles and should be used only on sections of the road or off-road where there are no other vehicles because the light output from the LED bars is very high with the probability of blinding oncoming drivers is very high.

Let’s Take A Look at What LED Bars for Lighting The Road Or Direction

Light Bar on SUVs – the most classic example of installing LED bars on the roof or expedition trunk of the SUV. Installing an extra LED light allows you to use your vehicle to drive in low visibility conditions with more comfort.

The LED bar can be installed on trucks and special equipment operating in difficult conditions of the polar night or the far north. The use of LED bars not only improves the illumination of the road but also reduces driver fatigue and increases traffic safety.

LED bars are also recommended for all-terrain vehicles, UTVs, SSVs working in the taiga, and other rugged places, where the choice of the optimal path is a very important factor. Otherwise, you can spend more than one day waiting for “evacuation”. That’s why additional light is also very important for tracked all-terrain vehicles and wheeled vehicles.

Kit Features

If due to the design of the vehicle or expeditionary trunk, you need to fix the lights to the trunk tube or frame, then you can additionally purchase the necessary mounting kits for this.

LED Headlight Mounting Kit on A Pipe

The installation kit for LED lights on the tube includes two clamps, which are fixed on the tube, as well as attached to the headlight. Kits for mounting LED bar have different sizes of 23 mm, 30 mm, 37 mm, 44 mm, 55 mm and can fix any LED headlights on the trunk or kangaroo SUV.

Connecting LED Headlight Auxiliary Light to The Power Grid of The Car

How to Install Light Bar on FordTo connect LED headlights also have special wiring kits. The wiring kit for connecting one LED headlight includes everything you need, namely: a wire length of 3.5 meters, a button with an indicator, a relay, a fuse. All this is combined into one chain and allows you to connect the LED headlights quickly and easily.

The wiring kit for connecting 2 or more LED headlights, unlike the previous version, has 2 outputs for connecting additional headlights. In the dark, we always do not have enough light to see as well as during the day. This is quite logical! After all, when the level of light decreases and the amount of reflected light from objects. And this same reflected light does not reach the pupils of our eyes. And here the rods and cones in the eye do not work like in daylight, limiting our physiological ability to see what is hidden from us somewhere in the dark. There are actually three solutions to the problem. To transfer all the activities of contemplation to the light time of day, to be content with what you have, or to use additional light.

That’s It!

Often it is for a more comfortable ride in the darkness using the so-called “bar” or in other words, a headlight – spotlight. So, I hope this article was useful for you! Have a nice day!

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