What’s Included in a Towing Package on a Truck?

A Towing Package is one of the most important aftermarket upgrades that you can make to your truck. Towing packages are available for both pick-ups and SUVs, depending on what you need. Towing Packages come in various shapes and sizes, but they all include a variety of features that will benefit any truck driver.

Towing packages are a popular aftermarket upgrade on trucks. Towing packages can include many features such as an external T-bar, towing mirrors, and trailer hitch. Towing upgrades are available for single or dual wheel applications.

What’s included in a Towing Package on a Truck?

What is included in a Towing Package on a TruckTowing packages are available for many different types of trucks, and they can be customized to suit your needs. Here is what you will typically find in a Towing Package:

  • Tow Hooks
  • Winch & Bracket Kit
  • Tiedown Kit
  • Jack/Toolkit (includes items such as jack, wrench, lug nut key)
  • Spare Tire Mounting Plate
  • Towing Adaptors
  • Auxiliary Fuel Tank Mount

The Towing Package will also include an installation kit, so you can install it on your truck. Depending on the type of Towing package included in your purchase, additional items may be required for use such as a trailer hitch adapter or wiring harnesses.

What Upgrades Are Included In Factory Towing Packages?

A Towing Package will vary depending on the type of truck. For example, a Towing package for a Ford F-150 may include some different items than what is included in an available Towing package from Ram Truck. These packages typically come with everything you need to tow your vehicle or trailer and can be customized further if needed.

How Much Does It Cost To Add A Tow Package?

How Much Does It Cost To Add A Tow PackageHow Much Does It Cost To Add A Tow Package? Tying up all these features into one purchase usually costs approximately $1500-$2500 including installation. This cost also varies by make and model of the truck, so we recommend checking with your dealership first before purchasing any upgrades that are not part of their standard upgrade inventory list.

You Might Not Need a Towing Package Included

You Might Not Need a Towing Package Included Towing packages are not necessary for many trucks. They can be added as an aftermarket option, or you might have one already installed in your truck depending on the make and model year of your vehicle.

How Do I Know If I Have A Tow Package Installed?

How Do I Know If I Have A Tow Package InstalledYou may find it difficult to tell if you have a factory-installed Towing Package – especially if you don’t remember from when – because they come preinstalled as an upgrade. Towing packages can be purchased as a kit that is then installed by the dealership or at home, depending on which Towing Package you purchase and if it includes installation instructions with the Towing Package Kit.


Tow packages are pre-installed from the factory including all equipment needed to assist during tow situations like winch kits, towing hooks, and more. Tows Packages can be purchased as an aftermarket option or installed by the dealer for a fee if not factory-installed at the time of purchase – this cost depends on the make and model year of the vehicle being towed. If you have access to your truck’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), check for “tow prep” in your manual.

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