How to Remove Truck Bed Rails

Many truck owners have been told that the best way to secure their cargo in the bed of their truck is by installing a set of rails. The installation process is not too difficult, but if you want to remove them for some reason, the entire truck bed must be stripped down and removed from the vehicle. Learning how to get rid of your truck’s rails can save time and money on future repairs or replacements!

Before you start removing

The first step you should take is to inspect the truck bed. Remove anything that might get caught between the rails and pinch them off, such as an old tarp or cardboard box. Remove all cargo from inside of the truck’s bed if possible; this will make it easier for you when removing your rails because there won’t be any obstructions in the way. If there are items on top of a set of railings, these should be removed before continuing with the installation instructions below.

Before you start removingYou must place protective coverings overall wiring running beneath your truck’s hood before beginning this process; doing otherwise can cause serious injury to yourself or others in addition to breaking electrical components! Do not remove protective covers at any time.

Remove everything out from under the engine compartment because they will need access to certain parts while working under the truck.

Once ready, open up your tailgate by unlocking/unlatching the rear door on your truck and, with a number of people helping you (if available) lift up the bed to expose the hardware underneath.

Remove any bolts or nuts that are holding down each rail so it is more accessible for removal from under your vehicle.

Steps for removal

Steps for removal1. Remove the front rail first. This is done by removing all of its screws and putting pressure on it until it pops off the brackets that are securing it to your vehicle.

2. Next, you should take out the rear one in a similar manner (note that this may require more people than just two). It’s important to note here that if there were any items obstructing where you had to put pressure on either side railings, then these will have been removed as well with each additional step completed!

3. At last but not least comes the backside of the truck bed; remove all of its screws as well and pop it off the brackets.

Truck bed rails installation is not too difficult. If you were able to remove the old Truck Bed Rails, it won’t be much of a problem for you.


If you’ve made it this far, then congratulations! Well, let’s recap.

Removing Front Railings: Remove all screws and pop off brackets to remove front bed rails (this might require two people).

Removing Rear Rails: Remove all screws and pop off brackets to remove rear bed rails.

Removing Back Bed Rails: Remove all screws and pop off brackets to remove back truck bed rails if applicable.

I hope these steps helped make removing Truck Bed Rails a little easier on you! If not, please consult with an automotive technician for professional help.

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