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How to Remove a Spare Tire

How to Remove a Spare Tire

Every vehicle should have a spare tire in case of emergencies. Knowing how to safely remove and store this tire is important so that you can take care of any tire issues without having to make an emergency trip to the auto shop. This guide will walk you through the steps for removing your spare tire.

Steps for Removing the Spare Tire

  1. Park the Vehicle on Level Ground: Before attempting any work on your vehicle, be sure to park it on level ground and turn off the engine. The ground should be flat and secure enough for a jack, stands, and other tools you may need during the process. Make sure that all passengers are out of the car or safely restrained before beginning any work on your vehicle.

  2. Raise the Vehicle with a Jack and Place Stands Underneath: Once you’ve parked your car securely, place a jack beneath it according to manufacturer instructions. Raise up your vehicle until it’s high enough for you to comfortably access underneath where the spare is located (usually with some space between). Place additional stands underneath once raised so that if needed, you don’t have to move or strain too much when working under it. Be sure that all stands are secure and under the appropriate parts of the vehicle.

How to Remove a Spare Tire

  1. Remove Covering Lid or Panel Where Spare is Located: Once you’ve securely raised your vehicle, locate the covering lid or panel where your spare tire is located (usually found in the trunk). Before opening, check that all nuts and bolts are loosened before removing it to access the tire.

  2. Unscrew Nuts Holding the Tire in Place: To completely remove your spare tire, you must unscrew all nuts holding it in place. Most vehicles will have 4-5 lug nuts holding down a plate that is fastening around the tire itself. Use a wrench to loosen all of these until they are loose enough for you to take off easily once removed from its place. Also read Are Patched Tires Safe?

  3. Take Out the Spare Tire: With all nuts now loosened, take out your spare tire from underneath your car and set aside out of harm’s way until needed again later on down the road (no pun intended).

  4. Replace Nuts and Store Safely for Later Use: Once you’ve removed your spare from its place, put all components back together as they were before with new or existing nuts as needed. Then store away your spare tire safely in its place until needed later.


You have now successfully removed and stored away your spare tire. Make sure to check it periodically to ensure that it is still in good condition and ready to be used in case of any emergency. Doing so will help you avoid any unexpected trips to the auto shop or worse, a dangerous situation on the road.

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