How to Install a Muffler Without Welding

An exhaust system never rots all at once, all at once. Through-corrosion is often pitting while maintaining the thickness and strength of the metal near the hole. In this case, it is not necessary to buy a new pipe or can – a fistula can easily be repaired with his hands without welding, and the […]

How to Make a 4 Cylinder Sound Like a V8

Many drivers wonder how to increase engine power or Muffler for Deep Sound on 4 Cylinder. There are many different methods to increase power: raise the amount of fuel burned in the cylinders, speed up exhaust emissions, and optimize the mechanical part. Read more about each method in this article! To understand how to increase […]

How to Choose Muffler for Deep Sound on 4 Cylinder

The best sounding muffler for 4 cylinders is an important part of both the exhaust system and the design of the vehicle. Mufflers are designed to suppress the acoustic noises that inevitably arise when exhaust gases are exhausted. Here it is important not to confuse the muffler and the entire exhaust duct. We will talk […]

Best Sounding Muffler for 4 Cylinder Review

Four-cylinder engines might not be as powerful as V6 or V8 motors, but they’re still quite capable. Besides, they’re cheaper, easier to maintain, and have a better fuel economy. Still, the power output isn’t as impressive. The same goes for the exhaust sound: it’s a bit dampened and boring. Lucky for us, that can be […]

Ford F-150 : How to Turn On/Off Fog Lights

How to Turn On/Off Fog Lights? The fog lights can be turned on by pressing the button on the light control switch. But when the light control is in the Autolamps position, you cannot turn on the fog lights if the headlights are not on. To turn on the fog lights, press the button on […]

How do Tuners add Horsepower: How Chip Tuning Works

What Does It Mean “Performance Tuners for Chevy Silverado”? As many car systems began to move under the control of electronic units, the idea of improving the characteristics of the power unit without making changes to its mechanical part became more and more relevant. An example of the latter is the installation of a turbine […]

How to install LED fog lights on a Ford f150?

There are four main types of lamps used in the vehicle lighting system: conventional incandescent bulbs, xenon lamps, halogen lamps and LED fog lamps. Recently, LED fog lamps for a car are gaining popularity in everyday life and at work, as well as among motorists. LED car lamps have a huge number of features that […]

Exhaust Pipes: Is Bigger Better?

A low-impedance exhaust system, starting from the turbo on turbo cars, or starting from the exhaust manifold on others, is a must for getting good power. In most cases, building a high-flow exhaust should happen in the initial stages of modifications, as it is a relatively inexpensive procedure. How It Works? Exhaust back pressure occurring […]

Best Window Deflectors for F150 Review

Feeling the wind in your face while you’re cruising down the block is a wonderful way to start the day. However, when it rains/snows, you have to close the windows; otherwise, the water will ruin everything. Fortunately, there is a cheap and quick way to avoid all that while still enjoying the fresh air. I’m […]

Best Fog Lights for Dodge Ram 1500 Review & Buyer’s Guide

If your view is blinded by rain, fog, or dust, there’s very little high or low beams can do. Actually, they’ll cause more harm than good – the light will reflect off the particles and blind you. So, does that mean you shouldn’t drive when the weather is bad? Of course, not! There’s a tried-and-true […]