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Filling Your Jack with Oil

Filling Your Jack with Oil

A jack is a vital piece of equipment for any vehicle owner. It can be used to lift heavy components like engines for maintenance or repair without the need of an additional lifting device. To ensure your jack works properly, it’s important to fill it with oil before each use. This guide will cover everything you need to know about filling a jack with oil, including safety precautions and the process itself.

Safety Considerations

Before attempting to fill your jack with oil, make sure you have read and followed all safety instructions that came with your particular model of jack. Put on protective eyewear and gloves as well as long sleeves, pants and shoes when working around any hydraulics equipment like jacks in order to protect yourself from potential burns or other injuries. Make sure to also disconnect the battery in your vehicle before beginning work on any electrical/mechanical components connected to the jack, such as its motor or control valves.

Filling Your Jack with Oil


Tools Needed

Before you begin filling your jack with oil, make sure you have all necessary tools available:

  • Oil container – A container that is appropriate for safely storing hydraulic fluid such as a gallon jug will work best; avoid using any other type of container as this could lead to spills or contamination.

  • Funnel – A funnel is necessary for transferring oil from the container into the jack.

  • Socket Wrench – The size will depend on your particular model of jack, but a socket wrench will be needed to remove the oil fill cap.

Step-by-Step Process for Filling Your Jack With Oil

  1. Place the oil container in an upright position and unscrew its lid with your hands or a wrench. Then pour the correct amount of hydraulic fluid into the container using a funnel if necessary.

Filling Your Jack with Oil

  1. Locate the oil fill port on your jack and position it so that it is facing up or outwards in order to make accessing it easier. Most jacks will have indicators next to their ports indicating which side is used for filling with oil and which side is used for draining any excess fluid out; ensure that you are working with the correct port before continuing by double checking these markings against your jack’s instructions manual if necessary.

  2. Use a socket wrench to loosen and remove any cap covering the oil fill port, being careful not to lose any parts as you do so in case they prove difficult to find or replace later on.

  3. Place the tip of the funnel into the oil fill port and slowly pour in your hydraulic fluid, taking care not to spill any onto the jack or floor.

  4. Once you have filled your jack with oil, use a clean cloth to wipe away any excess fluid from around the fill port before replacing its cap and using a socket wrench to tighten it securely.


Filling your jack with oil is an important step in order to make sure that it works properly when lifting heavy components like engines for maintenance and repair. By following this guide, you can properly and safely fill your jack with oil each time you need it without having to worry about damaging any components due to spills or contamination.

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